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Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Dabbler's Life for Me

I don't know about you guys, but I have searched my whole life for the one thing that I would be amazing at. I have tried drawing, singing, fashion, baking, cooking, playing violin, piano, dancing, ice skating, sewing, languages, basketball, billiards (OK, I won't lie, I'm out of practice, but I am actually pretty amazing at that one). And yes, I have come back to that sentence about 12 times to add one more thing that I tried out. All of the things.
Turns out, I'm not really amazing at anything. However, I am pretty good at most of them.  (Hint: bowling is not one of them)
I think that most people think that dabblers are people who don't have a passion for anything. I'd argue that we dabblers are not actually passionless, but passionate. I, personally, love so many things. I want to be good at all of them. However, you can't focus all of your energy in 12 places at the same time. I flit from place to place, usually coming back to the same things after awhile.
One thing however, that I do all the time is write. No, I don't write in my journal every day. No I don't write poetry every day. No, I don't write my novels every day. But I do write something everyday. A blog post, a snatch of a poem, a journal entry. Just about everything. I don't even think about it. It's something that I just do. Without realizing it.
I only recently realized that I'm a dabbler. I love it though. So many new experiences. I love them all. Who knows, maybe after a few years of coming back to the same things then I'll be amazing at all of them right?? :)

Waterfall french braid! Made it up! Tutorial to come :)

So Dabblers unite! Try all the things!
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  1. You are an incredible dabbler! Also, that braid looks BEAUTIFUL!