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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Crashing the Party

So last night I went to The Living Planet Aquarium. The place isn't even open yet, but I had a friend that was having their reception there.
Admittedly, I haven't seen this friend in over 4 years. Admittedly, we were never really close. He lived in my ward (basically LDS slang for they lived in the neighborhood and I saw him on Sundays), but when I saw that he was having his reception at the Living Planet Aquarium, it wasn't even a choice! I had to go.
I took my little sister with me. Basically it was the coolest thing EVER. I'm telling you, once that place opens up for real (March 25th :) ), you need to go! It's like the zoo, only aquarium style. I don't know about you, but I LOVE the zoo. And considering that I almost went into Marine Biology, aquariums are right up my alley.

 Charissa made friends with this little guy in the shark tube :)

 See! It's huge! You know you want to go!

Pardon the poor quality phone photos... Apparently I don't think about bringing a camera when I'm semi-crashing a reception.
So what about you? Have you ever crashed a party? Or, a reception?
If you head to the aquarium, drop me a line and we can geek out together about how sweet it is! :)
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  2. Whaaaaaaaaaaat?? I really wish I could crash a reception there...I've been trying to finagle my way in there for forever! I loved it in the old building, and I'm *super* excited for the new one! :D

  3. You should totally go! Scheduled to open today :) In fact, I think you owe it to yourself for graduation! ;)