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Monday, April 14, 2014

In Defense of skinny girls

Today I was at work, eating my lunch, when my co-worker starting talking to me about how everyone was going to judge her because her husband brought her an entire roast chicken for lunch. I thought it was funny and said her husband was sweet for bringing her lunch. Then she said something to the effect that I didn't ever eat anything. True, I don't eat a lot at work, but I do eat before I come and I do eat when I come home. Depends on whether I get a chance. I don't have a lunch hour where I work.
If you've seen pictures of me, or you know me, I'm skinny. I have always been a very skinny girl. I have heard the gambit of reactions. Everything from, "You should model!" to "That's because you don't eat."
Yes, because I've managed keep myself alive for 23 years by eating nothing. If you know anything about my other blog, you'll see it's mostly food, and it's not really good for you food either. Not that it should matter. Whether I eat cheese fries, or whether I eat celery shouldn't really matter.
I should not have to defend my body.
Today in the media, there have been all sorts of different discussions about what we should say to people about the way that we look. We have Biggest Loser for the people that are "too fat". We have plus sized models because we shouldn't be forced to be skinny to be beautiful. We shouldn't promote an unhealthy image.
I've heard a lot lately about the photoshopping of a gap between models legs promoting an unattainable image. I have a gap between my legs. Always have. No we shouldn't photoshop these things in, but if they're there, should we photoshop the other way?
I agree, we should not promote unhealthy images. BUT, we should not attack people, no matter what size jeans they wear. Why do we have to go one way or the other? Why do we have to hate all skinny people? Why do we have to hate all fat people?
We all of body issues, whether you're a size 0 or a size 16. Lets not make things worse by attacking the way people look. If you want to compliment someone, by all means, but don't wrap it in an insult. We were all born with different genes, different tendencies, toward skinny or large. It shouldn't matter. I can't help being skinny any more than some people can help being fat.
We're all beautiful, big and small, tall and short, fat and skinny.
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