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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Random Fact Wednesday!

Random facts for today...

  • I do not currently have a favorite flower. It used to be lilies, but though they are beautiful, they do not smell as good as they look. On that note, if anyone has suggestions on what I should make my new favorite flower, I am open to suggestions!

 Just a few wildflowers :)

  • When I can't sleep, the best way I know to get to sleep is to tell stories. So I tell myself stories of adventures with Jeremy Manhandsome, works every time, also, this was previously a secret. Speaking of Jeremy...
  • Jeremy Manhandsome is the name of my future husband. He was invented for me by my best friend when I was 16, which leads me to...
  • I have written letters to Jeremy Manhandsome since I was 14. Although, before that he didn't have a name. I'm mostly decided on burning them before I get married :) Which also leads me to...

  • I love letters! Getting a letter or really anything in the mail that isn't junk is the greatest feeling ever. I believe the world was a better place when we all wrote letters. Thus I have written my roommate Dizzle since we stopped being roommates 3 years ago. I'm totally open to new pen pals by the way :)
Your thoughts? Favorite flowers? Secret future husbands named by ex boyfriends? Wanna be my pen pal? I'd love to hear from you!
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