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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ready, Aim, Fire

Yesterday was a little epic.
I started off at work, just finishing up some testing (I'm sure you've all heard about the lovely SAGE testing, right?) if not, just know that it's the new end of year testing that has parents up in arms.
That's not what the story is about though. My sister found me in the copy room. I thought that maybe she came to surprise me or something, I said hey and she almost burst into tears.
Our little Soleil had run away.
So I left work and I went on foot to look for her. Thankfully Charissa gets dropped off by a friend who was able to help us look. After a few prayers and two searching cars, our friend found her :)
I ran home. 
I've always wanted to be a runner, there's something freeing about it. So I ran home. She was safe. Riding home in our friend's car like it was her victory chariot, on her way home from an adventure.
Guess she gets that from me ;)

Then we went swimming for a single's activity. And afterward, we finished it off by shooting airsoft guns at targets, watching Lara Croft, and eating Pazookie.
It was my first time ever shooting an airsoft gun. By the end of the night I was hitting the targets and cocking the gun much easier than the beginning of the night. (I seriously could not do it in the beginning. Could barely pull it back). I felt so awesome!

 The sisters who shoot together stay together. Right?? :)

 Yes, I had to shut one eye every time I shot. Don't judge me.

Look at that, tell me you wouldn't want that as a pazookie shot

Overall, the day was epic, and everything turned out. A happily ever after.
have you ever been in an airsoft war? ever hit the center of a target (darts counts :)  )?

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