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Monday, April 21, 2014

Spoiled Rotten? Pay it Forward!

This last week was wonderful! 
I am someone who loves surprises, but I don't get them very often. In fact, I used to be pretty hard to surprise (sorry ex-boyfriends!) because I wanted them so badly, that I was always looking for signs that someone was trying to surprise me. 
Gradually, after being disappointed over and over again, I let the hope for surprises go. I throw my own parties. If I want flowers, I buy them.

But last week, I was surprised :)

My coworker Debbie brought me Naked Juice in my favorite flavor, and cookies n' cream drops, also my favorite, just so I would have a good week during testing! 
Then my friend Hatred brought me a cupcake! I haven't seen her lately. 

It was a wonderful week, and I felt so loved. 

I went on spring break on thursday, so Friday I decided to pay it forward. I got my best friend a little something for when she got home from her trip to San Francisco. And my older sister I got a notebook and pens :) (We ALL love new notebooks and pens in my family!) and dropped that at her house. Ha ha which kind of failed because her boyfriend saw us. 
He saw me trying to use sign language to tell Charissa that she'd been caught and that she should just give it to him.
"Just go!"
"I can't, he's right there!"
"I know! He can see me! He can see the car! Just go!"
"I can't! He's RIGHT there!"

It was great! So if you've been spoiled rotten, or even if you haven't, see if you can pay it forward! Add just a little sunshine to someone's day :)

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