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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Temple Trip #2: Provo Temple!

Saturday was the second temple trip! We went down to the Provo Temple. It was beautiful, even with the rain! A nice little family even took a picture for us! :) Luckily we got it before my camera died... ha ha. I always forget to charge that thing.
I love getting Best friend time every week. I've got a lot of it this week with M. We went out to dinner on Thursday at Taste of Thai with HATRED! It was really good by the way. Never been there before!

Anyway, back to the temple. It was so fun to see all the couples getting married. Surprisingly I didn't see any brides with long dresses. And a cute little family getting sealed :)

I love how calm it is at the temple. Even if there are a billion people there, it's just nice. Stake Conference is this weekend so it was nice to recharge before that. I'm also singing! Woot!

Don't judge me. I totally bought one of these last year! So excited to fill it up!

We were in Provo so of course we had to stop at Krispy Kreme!
What do you have to get when you're in Provo? What was your favorite thing from this weekend?

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