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Monday, May 19, 2014

Ariel Lops off her locks!

 My dearest little sister chopped off her hair this last week. This amazing girl donated her hair to locks of love. Of course we had to document the length before we chopped it off!

We had so much fun with this shoot! Charissa and I like to randomly go take pictures. We may or may not be a little vain... but it's ok.
The best was directing her on how to pose, "Think of your door!" Referring to a glamour shot that she keeps on her door. Or, "you look uncertain of your place in the world". I decided not to include the pictures where she looks like a murder victim. Turns out that if you have a white  fair person lay on the grass, you just look dead.

 Isn't she gorgeous? :)

 Doesn't she look like the Hipster Ariel??

She didn't even tell anyone she was going to do it (Except me). My mom was so surprised!

Here's the after! I'm so proud of my little Koni! She looks beautiful! Hair short, or long :)

Have you ever cut your hair for locks of love? Or, in secret? :)
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