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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"Count on me, to remember who you are"

In case you're not a Cartel fan, that quote is from one of their songs. In fact, this song...

It has come to my attention, more often recently, that I am forgotten by those who used to know me. It really hit me when I went to the wedding reception of one of my little sister's friends. I know her too, but she's more her friend than mine. 
In any case, she has a sister that I went to high school with. In fact, we were in the same stake (lived in the same area) all the time I've lived here, and were music partners in choir. I even went to her house a few times. 
Charissa and I were going through the line and got to her parents. They smiled and hugged my sister while she explained that I was her sister. They both acted like they'd never seen me before.
This isn't the first time this has happened. 
To be honest, it really hurts me when this happens. I like attention. I like to be noticed. I like to think that I'm pretty memorable.
But it got me thinking. Maybe this was meant to be this way. Maybe people forgetting my face and my name is to teach me to walk quietly. To teach me to help others shine. It shouldn't matter to me whether I'm remembered. I don't need everyone to know what I have sacrificed (something I struggle with often). 
It may just teach me to remember others, because I have been forgotten. 

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