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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lord of The Rings/Snow Hike

I finally got back out into the wilderness! Yes! 
We decided to do the snow hike because it's one of Hatred's and my favorite hikes! That's Hatred on the far left there :) Merr joined us this time though. Also, I should probably note that the trail is actually called the "Mill B North Fork" trail. But that's so boring! We found it last year when we were trying to go hike Donut Falls (see, that is a REAL trail name! It even invites you to get donuts after!) but it was blocked off.
The trail head for this one is in the middle of the road. Literally, there's an S bend and the parking lot is in the middle. You have to cross the street to go up the mountain!
 No snow this year, but here's a peek from last year!
As you can probably not tell at all, last year the river was still running, but everything was coated in ice! It was actually really beautiful. Nice and green this year though!

Last year above, this year below! Please ignore my odd hand. Clearly I need to work on my group selfies :)

 Only a couple of the wild flowers were in bloom, but they were beautiful! Someday I'll know their names...
 Can't you just year Lord of the Rings playing in the background? We may or may not have sung it along the way...

 This was the highest we got to before turning back, and of course we needed evidence!

Our view of the valley just before we headed back down!

So that was yesterday's adventure! What adventures are you planning for the long weekend? :)
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