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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Neverland Island

When I was a kid, more specifically, when I was about 10, my sister and I went on adventures. Most of which were one level of illegal or another... like exploring houses that were being built, or hopping the fence behind the park by our house. There was something really thrilling about hopping that fence and exploring this little lake area.
Even more thrilling when you got caught and had to run :)
Ha ha everyone is probably shaking their head right now. I'm not usually the kind to go seeking trouble, but this was the best. It was our place, my sister's and mine. We would bring this little tiny boat and paddle out to this island. Just a bitty thing.
I still love that island. We were just us, trying to catch ducklings (we planned to take them home and let them live in our pond in the front yard, we never did catch one :) ).

Since then they have made it more accessible to the public. Which is nice, but to be honest, when they start construction I was mad. Livid really. That was are place. And who were they to desecrate it?
There's still a section that you can't go to.

I thought about hopping that fence today. Just for old times sake. But I didn't. Instead I stayed on the path and looked at the goslings and the baby ducks puttering around the pond.

 That's our island!

I still feel like a kid when I go there. It's magic :)

Do you have a special place?

Maybe sometime I'll let you see a glimpse of Charissa's and Mine secret park. No locations though, 'cause it's a secret ;)

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