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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Paper Heart Poet "Fallen"

Well, I finally got that last envelope placed and made a new one! The last one only got placed in a book a week ago. It would seem that when you really want to go to the library it just doesn't happen. I was going to put it in my favorite book, but it wasn't at the library at the time. So I put it in Once Upon a Marigold :)

 This one is a little churchy. I actually composed it whilst (sorry, I just love the word whilst!) waiting to do baptisms at the Timpanogos Temple! It was a REALLY long wait. But that's ok. I don't usually mind when that happens.


I walked the path with many
clothed in brightest white
we walked with packs so heavy
no end within our sight

I watched them turn away
let them take me by the hand
I walked in my own way

I discovered cliffs were steep
hearts that were empty
oceans that were deep

my dress became so tattered 
tainted black and brown
it was then that I decided
it was time to turn around

then I saw him standing
he'd been with me all along
he had seen me weak
Now he sees me strong

I don't usually approve of rhyming poems. Ha ha at least not written by me. They tend to come off insincere and contrived. Which, yeah, they are. Not the insincere part. Anyway, this one just kind of ended up that way. 

Hope you like it! If you have any suggestions on books to put it in (I'm thinking Screwtape Letters or Mere Christianity, love me some C.S. Lewis!) let me know below! :)
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