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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Random Fact Wednesday: Music Edition

Random Fact Wednesday time again! 
It occurred to me today that these posts are only enforcing all those people who ever told me I was random (which I don't think I am). Oh well!
On to the facts!

1. I group my music according to when I got it (ie, Fall 2008, Spring 2011). I also group it according to mood. Like Rainy Day music, Morning Music, Running music, get in the mood for country swing music...

2. I got almost all my music from someone else. I can tell you, down to the song who introduced me to it.

3. My favorite bands are Anberlin, Yellowcard, Mae, and Owl City. I mean, I like a lot of bands, but I always come back to these guys!
Light up the Sky by Yellowcard, one of my favorite songs of all time. Also if you were wondering, I found this song on my own. Although I was in the car with Bree when it came on the radio.

4. I have owned 3 ipods, and never broken any of them. Maybe that's not weird, but I feel like I know a lot of people who have washed theirs!

5. One of my life goals is to write a song.

6. I'm teaching myself music theory.

7. I frequently pick up and quit playing the violin. 

8. I have been in choirs since elementary school, although I took a 3 year hiatus when I hit middle school.
After one of my choir concerts in high school! We rocked those sparkly tops...

What are some of your random music facts? Favorite band, favorite instrument...all the things!

Have a great Wednesday!
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