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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thrifty Thursday...?

Clearly I like ellipses...
Anyway, guess who is going to Disneyland??? 
We aren't going for awhile and so this year has kind of become the Year of Disney. Last time we went was last year and I had this brilliant idea on the last day. Grown ups aren't allowed to wear princess dresses in the park because we could be "too legit" and get confused with the Princesses. So, I thought what if you didn't make exact copies, but riffed on the different princesses dresses??
The dormant fashion designer in me LOVES the idea.
So we're making every day in the park themed. One of the days is Indian Jones (our favorite ride!) and this dress is kind of what I'm thinking for it. 

 Had to. I never straighten my hair :)
Also, promise I'll work on my posing... feel free to judge! The dress and the jacket were thrifted from the DI. Boots were on clearance at target :) The bag (I may or may not be obsessed with bags) I splurged on from Classy N Sassy Boutique.

Do you have a favorite thrift store? How do you gear up for vacations? :)
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