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Monday, May 12, 2014

Tips for throwing a Successful Mocktail party

So probably most of you don't know this, but last Friday was my little sister's 21st birthday!!! Woot woot! It was pretty freaking sweet. Neither of us drink, but how else are we to celebrate the big two one? And so, we threw a Mocktail party!

That is how we roll! :)

I totally winged it. I've never thrown a mocktail party before, and to be honest, I've only gotten into throwing parties recently. I love parties, but hate throwing them. Mostly because I hate worrying whether or not people are going to show up.

So I'm learning as I go. And you all can benefit from my mistakes! :)

1. Choose only a few mocktails.
I basically pinned every mocktail that I could find on pinterest and then let my little sister choose which ones she wanted to make. We chose 4 (or was it 5...) but only ended up making 3. Though two would have sufficed.
We chose Sparkling Star Punch, Pomegranate Mojitos, Baby Bellinis, and Berry Mimosa Mocktails. The berry mimosa and Sparkling star punch were very similar so we didn't actually end up making the mimosas.

2. Try your mocktails ahead of time.
We made them the day of, never having tried them before. The baby bellinis and the star punch were by far the favorites. Sadly, we didn't buy enough of the ingredients for the baby bellinis to keep making them...
If you make them ahead of time you'll know which ones are the most delicious AND you'll know which ones you don't even want to make.

3. Have solid food.
This maybe goes without saying. We actually thought of this one. Keep it simple and delicious. We made deviled eggs, meatballsgrands biscuit doughnuts, and red velvet cupcakes (or should I say blue velvet cupcakes... we didn't have any red food coloring. And only a tablespoon of blue...).  Also, just a heads up, that recipe says "Yield 16 cupcakes", total lie. More like one dozen regular cupcakes, and at least 36 mini cupcakes.
4. You don't need to start making mocktails until people show up.
Our favorites were on opposite sides of the spectrum. The star punch you can make a whole pitcher ahead of time and the bellinis you make a single serving at a time.

5. Pay attention to how many mocktails are made from the ingredients listed. Like the single serving or the make in mass.

6. Send out legit invites.
People appreciate legit invites... just sayin' ;)

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