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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Truly Random

1. I love my bruises. I know, weird right? But I have always bruised easily and basically, I decided that it was pretty awesome. Evidence of my battles (ha ha if you count losing to furniture that is...).

I mean come on! It usually looks like a baby star is being born. 
One time I foolishly tried to sled down Old Main Hill in Logan. Did you know that if you don't start trying to stop the moment you start moving you'll fly off into the street and possibly be hit by cars? True fact. Probably don't sled down old main hill, but if you do make that mistake, let me tell you the bruises can be EPIC!

2. I have never pulled an all nighter. Ever.
Once I kind of did, but... I took a nap around midnight and then stayed up till 7 am. I really don't think that it's physically possible for me.

3. I hate shopping. But I love clothes.

This has gotten a little better over the years, but it literally drains all the energy out of me. When I was younger I would just sit on the floor after awhile. 

4. I frequently take pictures of little things that I find beautiful.

Yes, I find oil beautiful, even if it's bad for the environment.

5. I sleep with a teddy bear named Beary. 
The rules are, you don't mess with Beary. You can mess with me, but touch the bear and things get ugly.
Ha ha I didn't even sleep with a stuffed animal till I asked for one for my birthday when I was 7 I think. I thought it was cool that other people did, so I wanted to be cool.
Also, I feel like that painting in the background is super creepy. There's a face in it! Just sayin'!

Anyway, there are the facts for today, hope you enjoyed the random stories! Share some facts of your own in the comments :)
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