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Friday, May 16, 2014

Waterfall french braid with a twist :)

So I made up this braid for my little sister for a wedding reception she was going to. Can I just say that pretty hairstyles are always most complimented on redheads? I swear, the color gets their attention but the style keeps it ;)

It's pretty simple to do!

Start by braiding the bangs back, once you reach the temple start dropping hair. If you don't already know how to do a waterfall braid, here's a link to a video Waterfall Braid Tutorial.

 Braid all the way across to the other side, angling just a little down.
 Make sure you get all the hair from the other side. Basically the same amount of hair as if you were pulling the hair back into a small ponytail.
 Braid it all the way down.
Then go back to the side you started braiding on and you're going to start another french braid.

Add the hair you dropped when you're adding hair to the top of your braid and the hair you didn't use, pull in from the bottom.
Braid that all the way across and use the Waterfall braid to add into the braid once you reached the other side.

Good luck if you try it!
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