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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Alright, you guys rock. 
I'm not sure how widely known this is, but this is my... fifth blog. Yup. My first blog was "To Live will be an Awfully Big adventure." (I bet you'd never guess that I was a Peter Pan fan...). That was a sad endeavor where literally there was one view or less on each post. Second blog, Silent Soul Songs. All poetry. That one actually didn't do too bad. It gets about one view per poem on average and has about 500 page views total. That was the one that convinced me that maybe I could do this. Moving on to Wild N' Reckless, dreams of a writer. We've already discussed my vivid dreams, what we didn't discuss is my love of wild n' reckless ice cream from baskin robins. I tried it once roughly 5 years ago and I still dream about it... :) Then, Interest of the pin, which will probably hit 1000 views in the next month. That blog really changed me. It made me realize that I was creative. It gave me permission to try this. It gave me confidence. Ha ha I still get happy when someone pins the elsa bun
And now this :)
I just love those little bottles of Sparkling Cider. We celebrated with a bottle each. Little known fact (ha ha depending on who is reading), I hate carbonation. I drank a few sips and blew out the candle that Charissa lit for me (turns out we have no firecrackers, a candle is the next best thing!)
Thank you all for reading! Seriously, I really do appreciate each page view. Each new follower. 
You all rock. The end. 
Maybe someday I'll figure out giveaways and then I'll do one for you guys! :)
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