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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hashtag Annoyed

Ok, so I'm not actually annoyed. But, it's random fact Wednesday! Ok, I'm a little annoyed that Netflix only has the first season of Arrow on it... but whatever! That is your first fact though, when I am annoyed, in my head (ok, ok, if I'm alone it's out loud) I say, Hashtag annoyed. I don't really know why or how it got started, especially since this was before I even started using hashtags. 

Also, I may be a slow-comer to any and all social media. 
Basically the steps go like this... 
I hate (insert social media here)! Why do people do that? 
What is this even about? 
Maybe this is ok 
I secretly sign up 
I have to take back every thing I've ever said 
I proceed to use said social media way too much. 
Kind of like how when I find a blogger I like, I read basically every post they've ever written. Creepy? Maybe, but they're kind of awesome. 

I kind of feel like all random facts have to be related. So onto social media! I joined Facebook when I was 18. After relentlessly teasing my sister and telling her that she was addicted.

This was my very first profile picture on Facebook. :)

Does pinterest count as social media? I am most probably addicted to pinterest. I don't check it every day. But I have pinned a lot of things. I just really like the way you can dream on there! Plus, what a resource? Am I right? Roughly half of my favorite recipes of all time have come from Pinterest. 

This is one of my favorites that I've gotten from pinterest.

I may or may not instagram every day. Slash, I think about instagramming things a lot. Like I almost instagrammed my hot dog yesterday. I feel like it is both socially acceptable and highly frowned upon to instagram food. But it was a Sam's Club hot dog. They are the bestest! Haven't tried one? You need to. They are NOT the same as Costco hot dogs. Well they probably are, but the buns are different, thus making Sams Club Hot Dogs king! Try it, for reals!

First Ever instagram!

So there you have it, five random facts! When did you join social media? 
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