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Sunday, June 29, 2014

It Costs You Nothing

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. You know, compliments. Or, giving credit where credit is due. 
I'm not usually the kind of person to just go up to someone random and tell them that I like their outfit or that they're pretty much gorgeous, or that they did a great job on their lesson or anything like that. Mostly because I don't want them to think that I am some crazy person.
But you know what, most people don't think that you're crazy. You don't have to know my name to tell me that you like my shoes or that you think I'm great. I'll probably just think that you're awesome.
So I decided a few weeks ago to just start giving compliments to other people. Little things, or big, doesn't matter. If it's positive, and I think it, I'm going to say it. 
I have, in the past, withheld praise from others, because I thought that it made me less. If they were succeeding at something that I was interested in, it must be taking away from me, right? 
Turns out, that I was wrong. There is plenty in this world for all of us. It costs me nothing to praise them. It adds to them and it adds to me. I love the smile that they get when they get a compliment they didn't expect. I love knowing that maybe I made their day. Or at the very least, brightened it for a moment.
I kind of worried at first that maybe I would run out of nice things to say. Is that weird? I didn't want to give any compliment I didn't mean, because I really hate it when I get a compliment that seems insincere.
Turns out that without even realizing it, I found more things than ever that were awesome about all the people around me. 
Take a look at the people all around you, I bet you'll find that they're all pretty amazing. It doesn't hurt to tell them that either. You are enough, even if no one compliments you back, because guess what? You're pretty amazing too. 
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