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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Things that might get me arrested

You ever have the urge to do something that you probably shouldn't? Well, a couple of my life goals fall under that category.

1. Citizen's arrest a cop.
I really don't know how this came about. Especially since my grandpa was a cop. Not only that but cops terrify me and I literally burst into tears when I have to interact with one of them.
2. Explore this building.

3. Sneak into hotels and swim in their pools.
4. Explore houses being built/newly built. 
This one isn't really a life goal. Ha ha it's just something that I do. SHH! don't tell anyone. 
5. This one probably SHOULD have gotten me arrested, but the first time I ever drove a car, on the road, I was 11. Then when I was no longer driving, but still in the car, sitting shotgun, we got pulled over, and I lied to the cop and told him I was 12. 
6. Not drinking milk. 
Yup, I don't drink milk and I don't put it on my cereal... Apparently this is against the law in Utah. Shhh! Don't tell the coppers!
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