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Friday, June 20, 2014

We Do What We Want Because We're Adults

Wednesday I got a very unusual text. Hatred was inviting me to sleep over. In PARK CITY! So of course, I said yes, and I am SO glad that I did!

She picked me up around 7:30 and we went and got gas and more snacks than we could possibly need for just a few days. But who cares?? Because, as was the theme of our trip, we do what we want, because we're adults! Ha ha at least pretend adults :)

Once we got up there, we checked into our hotel... That's right, a hotel! Sorry, for you guys, maybe that's not so awesome, but I've never just stayed in a hotel with friends. So for me, that is a VERY big deal. 

Then we went for dinner. First of all, apparently kitchens close earlier than I thought. Like 9. Which we were told by a pretentious french host. (We may or may not have bought Fiji water to drink at our junk food stop so that even our water could be pretentious ;) ) Second, I was almost carded for the first time ever! Since all the kitchens were closed we ended up at a bar. But, since we weren't drinking anything they just carded one of us and Hatred already had her ID out. 

In case you didn't know, everything in Park City is REALLY expensive, so I just got an appetizer of Calamari, because I was being adventurous!

 Our next adventure back at the hotel, after hiking back up main street to get to our car (seriously longest walk ever) was trying to get our projector working so that we could Dr. Who it up! Turns out that we forgot a cable though and Smiths isn't exactly the best place to buy cables at 11:00 PM... So the laptop it was! And it was still great!

 Yes, I felt scandalous just being in this Cafe. But let me just say, their smoothies are pretty great!

 We had 4 hours to kill after checking out of our hotel on day 2, so of course, we went to the outlets! :)

We checked into The Yarrow after our very flirty check in person (what are those people called?) talked to us about random names and getting girls numbers. Yeah, just so you know, apparently I have ZERO sense of direction in that hotel. I should not lead. 

This hotel had an in wall safe! Talk about fancy (I have had "I'm so Fancy" stuck in my head all weekend. Apparently it does not say, can you taste these scones, but gold instead. I personally think scones makes a lot more sense and is much more delicious!)
We watched Jimmy Fallon Thank you notes for a few hours whilst waiting for Merr to come up!
P.S. Am I the only one who thinks that Jimmy Fallon needs to be taught how to place a thank you note in the envelope? Seriously was driving me CRAZY.

Then... We went swimming. Apparently I really struggle touching the bottom in the deep end. I really should sink easy, but I don't. All three of us were trying. Merr was pro and did it like twelve times. I did it once. Hatred was having a particularly hard time, but we decided to all try going to the bottom together. Hatred was like "are we going all at once?" and I was like, "yeah, it's like a fake suicide pact!" And thus we realized that if we were ever stranded out in the ocean we would all drown because we'd start laughing and then we wouldn't be able to tread water anymore. 

We finished out the night with Ghidotti's. 5$ thursday don't you know :)

 Merr and Hatred! We are a blonde joke wherever we go. We kind of love it. :)
To all my Dr. Who buddies out there... my mistake was only pointed out to me AFTER I took the photo. 

After sisterhood of the travelling pants 2 we fell asleep!
And lastly, this morning, we went to the pancake house attached to a DIFFERENT best western than we stayed at the first night. SO good!

And thus ended the spontaneous Park City trip! One of the funnest trips I've been on! Thanks for sticking with me through the highlight real! :) 

Did you do anything crazy this week? What's the most spontaneous trip you've ever taken?
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