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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Animals inside out

I went to a press release for comic con about a week ago, and as a result... I got to go to Animals inside out at the Leonardo!

 Have you ever been to body worlds? It's by the same people.

If you liked Body Worlds, then I contend that you would like this. Although, I will say this, it was a lot smaller than I was hoping for. 
I liked biology in high school. It's like dissection, but a lot less gross. There's no gross smell, and things aren't... squishy. 
Also, if you were wondering about the costumes, we had to show up in costume for the press release. It was a lot less exciting than I was hoping for, but hey, at least we get to go to comic con now!
Have you been to Animals inside out or Body Worlds? What did you think?
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