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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fantasy Con, the Recap! :)

As you may know, I spent 3 days (well... kind of 4) last week manning a booth at Fantasy Con with my fellow Rocky Mountain Muggles.
In a word, it was Awesome! And really really long. Who knew how much standing in a booth for 5-13 hours a day could be so wearing.
Ok ok, in all fairness the 13 hour day was spent partially in Panels and walking in the Fantasy Con Parade. 

So first, the booth.

This was my home away from home. Charissa and I manned the booth the most consistently, but was still good times. I've got to say, we're pretty legit. 

Second, the Panels.

 Yes, that is Samwise and Pippin! They were so funny! Even if Pippin refused to sing for us. When people started yelling at him to sing, he said, "Yes! Some things do go ping! When someone has a statement about life I believe they should say it. Some things smell of cheese! Mostly cheese."
If only we were close enough to see their tattoos when they showed us...

 Our second panel was with the dwarves. They were pretty funny also. Highlight... when they sang for us. I will curse myself for quite awhile for not having my camera ready!

Third, sitting on a panel.
That's right! I sat ON a panel! This was my very first con and my first time even going to panels. I got to sit on a panel for Causeplaying. It was a few members from several different groups that do what we do, that is, charities and things. 
Honestly, one of my favorite ever experiences from being in my group was the charity event on Wednesday. We all got there early and stood in a big line while the kids from Hope Kids and their families walked between the lines. They got to meet all sorts of characters, from Star Wars, to fairies on stilts, to us. 
There was a little boy who was so tiny, in a wheel chair. He was the size of a toddler, but I'm sure he was older. He gave my a high five and my heart just melted. I don't think I'll ever forget that little boy, even though I don't know his name and will probably never see him again. 
I heard some amazing stories from the other groups. One that was especially touching, was a storm trooper (movie quality) that went to an emergency make a wish child's house and gave him not only his gun, but his entire costume. The little boy was buried in the costume. They're so selfless, and I've got to say, once you get a taste of these little kids joy, it's hard to let it go. Better than drugs as one of the other "Cause"players said.

Last, meeting Celebrities and overall experience.

 We got to meet Hannah and Hilly Hindi! I have loved their parodies and they were really nice. My little sister had the opportunity to go to all of their panels. 

Personally, my favorite parody is this one below!

 Oh, I almost forgot! In addition to meeting Hannah and Hilly, we also met Sylvester McCoy AKA Radagast and the Seventh Doctor :)

 This was the first year for Fantasy Con, being the first, it wasn't very busy, which was awesome since we were able to just walk into all of our panels (NO waiting). 
Overall, it was pretty awesome! Hope you enjoyed the recap! If you went, let me know what you thought! :)
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