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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Harry Potter Style, Join the Adventure!

First of all, who is excited for FantasyCon? Because I am pretty freaking excited for FantasyCon! Mostly because I get to go to all of it... for FREE!

Which leads me to the random facts for today :)
1. I am part of the Rocky Mountain Muggles. Which is basically a service group that raises money for different charities and supports literacy through Harry Potter themed events!

2. I have read every Harry Potter book at least twice. The first 4 I have read at least 8 times a piece. My fourth book is literally falling apart. I love it.

3. I own all the Harry Potter books. 
4. Charissa and I have all sorts of marathons at our house. Lord of the Rings, Twilight (we are unashamed), Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, and yes, Harry Potter Marathons.
5. Through our events, I have held a python and an owl. I have tasted butterbeer and played quidditch. 

I held that owl! :)

Are you ready for fantasy con? Or, share your love of Harry Potter below! :) 
Also, if you do head to fantasy con, look for our booth! Maybe I'll see you there! We'll also be walking in the Parade on the 4th! 
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