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Thursday, July 24, 2014


I saw Maleficent.

And I must say, I LOVED it. My fairy tale, emphasis on the fairy, loving heart almost burst with love for this movie. I loved the twists. I loved every minute of it. (Alright, I’ll just say it here and now, the actress was not pretty enough to be Sleeping Beauty, but other than that I have ZERO complaints).
This was one of those movies that satisfied several things.
First, entertainment, but that really doesn't mean much.
Secondly, and most importantly, it satisfied my imagination. There are some movies, some books, some stories, and some lives that just fire up my imagination and just make me want to create. All of the sudden twists for books I’m writing pop up, poetry starts flowing. Inspiration straight to my heart.
And I realize that yeah, I’m a writer. That it is something that is deep in me. The need to take what I see and what I feel and weave it into words that not only explain me, but explain how I see the world.
I take in the little details. Like the color of the sky, the spot on the tire of the car in front of me, the smell of the air and the feel of the steering wheel in my hands. I try to take in every second of this life, because some day I might need the memory of the way my feet felt on the ground as they slapped hard, or the sound of the door slamming as sounds escaped me that I wasn’t capable of making.
Because someday that might move someone, just when they need to be moved. Someday that might move ME in the way that I need to be moved.
This movie, like so many others, moved my heart. Reminded me that as a writer I am called to live 1000 lives. To feel things that I have never experienced, and to live things that aren’t real (in the least crazy way possible). Because that’s what writers do. We imagine worlds that aren’t, and cannot be. Because they move us. They move you. They move us all to do what we have to do and to dream of things that can’t be, so that we can do things that used to seem impossible. To give us the courage of a hero. The heart of a hero, so that we don’t become the villain when the choice is before us.
Because some day that choice will be before each of us. It has already been before me. And it probably won’t be the last time.

 We decided to do a water fairy shoot, sans wings. and I'm pretty impressed with my little sister's skill! She took all of the pictures for me :)

It was just the sort of thing that Maleficent inspired. About half of these were taken in our secret park, basically my favorite place on the planet. We go there to write and to dream and to be. It was a very hot day. I melted about half of the sparkles off my face, but it was still fun. Good sister time :)

What did you think of the movie? What inspires you?

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