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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sililoquy of a Sickie

This last weekend was... less than fun. My brother came home from a trip to Tahoe with his family and he brought a little stowaway with him. SICKNESS. 
My poor brother had to drive home ill, making a 9 hour drive 12 hours long. So, while he was recovering, I watched my nephew. 
Then the stowaway jumped ship and took me down for the count. 
My friends and I had been planning to go camping for a long time, but July has been so busy and I've been SO tired, that I thought, hey, let's make this easy and camp out back. 
Which I am so glad we decided to do, because I got sick and had to bail. 
And this thought came to me as I was dying and considering to moving into the bathroom, why is it that when we're ill we all wish to die?
I can't tell you the number of times I have wished for death while sick. 
Why does no one wish for health?
It's like, we're feeling so bad, that health is never going to be an option again, so we just think hey, let's skip this feeling like death, and just skip to death itself! We're all brilliant :) 
Anyway, not only did it take me down, but my little sister and my mom as well. Luckily neither of them got it as bad as me. 
Hope you're all doing well! Remember, wish for health! :)
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