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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Snail mail and Email :)

I intended to do this random fact Wednesday on music, but then remembered I'd already done that...
No worries!

As a writer, I have always loved words, and papers, books and notebooks. (Don't even worry, I have way too many journals/notebooks...). Going along with that, I have always loved letters. There's nothing like going to the mailbox to find a letter from someone that you care about! Especially if it's a FAT letter. 

So onto the facts!

1. My roommate from college, Dizzle, and I both believe that the world was a better place when people sent each other letters. So after we stopped living with each other, we started sending each other snail mail! We're not always good at it. We sometimes go a few months in between letters, but we still send them. 

2. I have my own sealing wax and seals. I need to make a legit, unique to me, seal, but even still seals are the coolest. 

3. In high school, when a bunch of my friends were serving missions for our church, I was writing (by hand) 12 different missionaries.

4. One of my friends I met through mail. I was writing one of my friends on a mission and when one of the companionships in his mission saw my letters, specifically my handwriting, they asked me to write them. I ended up meeting one of them when he got back from his mission and we're still friends today.

5. I used to email a lot of friends that I met at Especially For Youth. Because of this, I started a competition. Whoever would send me the most emails in a month would get a really awesome email from me at the end of the month, letting them know that they had sent me the most emails. My best friend who I messaged all the time on MSN (throwback! ha ha does anyone else remember when that was cool?) had never won, so he proceeded to send me like 40 emails each with one word in them. Or another time he sent them a letter at a time. 

6. My farthest pen/email pal lives in Germany. Although she hasn't written me back in awhile. 

There you have it! If you have any awesome ideas on what my seal should be, or you want to be pen pals (I don't even care if you see me all the time, letters are awesome!) let me know! 
Have a great Wednesday!

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