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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Birthday Recap

My birthday happened.

My birthday was a weird thing for me this year. In fact, I really really really didn't want it to even happen this year. Why? Because birthdays are a big deal to me. It's the one day of the year where everything gets to be about you. It's your special day. Every other day of the year may be sad and you may be unimportant, but on your birthday, that changes.

At least, that's how it should be (not the sad every other day of the year, but the you're extra special on your birthday thing). And this year I was sure that it wasn't going to happen. Because it hasn't happened in years. 

To be quite honest, unless I've had a boyfriend on my birthday to make it special, the past several birthdays have been the worst. 

I made plans to run away this year. Just so while people were ignoring my special day, I wouldn't have to be around them while they were ignoring it. However, plans to run away fell through. My dearest wish was to skip right to this week. If I could have magically gone from Thursday to Saturday, I would have done it. 

But people stepped up this year, and, probably more importantly, I expected nothing from anyone. No gifts, no one to make my day special but me. I made plans for the entire day, all that I could do solo. 

Boy was I surprised when my best friend showed up in my room at 1 in the morning. She woke me up and threw a blanket over my head and (after letting me get dressed) she drove me away from my house. I had no idea where I was going, I just hoped that the drive wouldn't be long because I don't do well in cars when I can't see. She made me keep my eyes closed when we got there, but thankfully took the blanket off my head. We went inside some establishment and when I opened my eyes, my family was all there. Right inside McDonalds :) My sister and her boyfriend, My mom and her husband, my little sister, and my friend Kyle, plus my best friend of course. 

I can't really explain how I felt looking at all of them. I have wanted a surprise party... forever. Like literally as far back as I can remember. I love surprises :) I've thrown surprise parties for other people, but no one has ever thrown one for me. It was a perfect way to start off my birthday. McDonald's fries and hot mustard sauce :)

After that my birthday went pretty much as planned, except that I didn't have to fly solo. I made myself crepes when I woke up, got ready for the day and then went to lunch, courtesy of my little sister. We watched my nephew for a few hours and then later that night we went to Wingers with my mom and her husband. And the only thing I had to pay for all day was some dresses that I picked out after lunch. 

It was a low key birthday, and I'm glad that I had low expectations, but I'm so much gladder that the people that I love didn't let this birthday fall through the cracks. I'm so grateful that I didn't have to spend it alone. And I was amazed at the number of people that wished me a happy birthday, even though they didn't spend it with me. 

So thank you to everyone who made an effort for me this birthday, it meant a lot! 

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