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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's Shark Week!

So once upon a time, I love Shark week. I never really got to watch it until about 6 years ago when we were on vacation and it just happened to be during Shark Week. You better believe that we were watching it every chance we got. In fact, I'm pretty sure that once my family chose watching shark week over going to Sea World on that trip...
Anyway, I have a friend who refuses to go into the ocean because he's so afraid of sharks. I was on a mission to change this, because let's be honest, I LOVE the ocean. I figured that he was just afraid of sharks because he didn't understand them. So I bought a book about sharks and decided that I would send him a new fact about sharks every day, in order to change all that. 
I did that for a while, I don't really think that he was convinced (he's about as stubborn as I am. Maybe more in fact.) But watching Shark of Darkness: Wrath of Submarine on Sunday with my little sister. I think I get the fear of sharks now. We were literally screaming at one point (not figuratively, literally). I mean seriously, how does a shark that big even exist? And the way it pushed that man out to sea? (Although I still don't understand why they didn't even try to take a boat out to him...) SCARY. 
But I still love Shark week. And I will still go in the ocean, but I might just believe in Rogue sharks now. 
Are you watching Shark Week? Will you go in the ocean again? 

P.S. That picture was taken about...4 years ago. Apparently I have no good pictures of sharks. My bad!
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