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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What's in a name?

Before I made this happy little blog of mine, it was just a dream. And I thought about it a lot! I thought about what to call it, and I googled to see if the names were taken. Well, I googled some of them... 
When "Anchored In Light" hit me though, I knew it was the one.
Here are all the names that I ALMOST named this blog :)

Everyday Adventures: An Awfully Big Adventure
Run Rachael, Run
Bold and Brave
Oceans of Adventure
Fearless: Fashion, Faith, Food, Fun
Making Magic
Drenched in Dreams
Rocky Mountain Roxy
Anchored in Adventure
Anchored in Starlight

As you can see, I was kind of all over the map. I have a lot of big dreams. I really love adventure. I want to be a runner. I wanted this blog to be ALL THE THINGS. Hopefully, if it doesn't right now, someday this blog will be all the things that I wanted it to be. Inspiring for me, and for those who read it. Accomplish my dreams, and make you feel like you can accomplish yours! 

Happy Random Fact Wednesday!

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