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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Leaves, 2 weddings, Women's Meeting, temple and a date

Clearly I should have taken more pictures this weekend... a LOT happened. 

It all started on Thursday before I even left for work, because I had a wedding right after work. Well, more accurately I had to help do hair for a wedding right after work. I won't lie, I felt really cool that I was asked to help with hair for a wedding! Granted, about all I can do is braid, but I guess my braiding is pretty ok if they want to me to do it for weddings ;) The wedding was for my little sister (she's not actually related to me, but basically yes, my little sister). I can't believe that she's married! And I'm so happy for her. The ceremony was short and sweet. No, I did not catch the bouquet. Foiled! By my actual little sister!

Friday, well you heard about the beginning part on my blog post about the changing of the leaves. Later that night Merr and I went to another wedding, which was fun. I love that girl so much. You'd think we'd be sick of each other by now, but nope! 10 years later and we can still spend all day together and never get bored!

Saturday started WAY too early. I woke up to go to the temple, got dressed and headed out. It was rainy. I was ALMOST there, when I thought to myself, "did I bring my recommend?" So I pulled into the church parking lot and checked. NOPE. I did not. I took it out for the dedication last Sunday and then completely forgot to put it back in my wallet. So I had to drive all the way home, get my recommend and drive back again. It wasn't too bad though, and I LOVE that temple (Draper, if you were wondering). It's so nice to be able to go every week and just enjoy the spirit there.
Later that day I watched the Women's Meeting for conference, as you can see in the picture with Soleil, she was a little upset that I was taking notes instead of holding her. It was also amazing and mostly about temples. I didn't feel chastised until President Uchtdorf started talking about visiting teaching and I realized that for this month Charissa and I were just dropping off cookies... We will do better! 
Then I had a date. Of course, I got ready about an hour early, which turned out to be good because to be on time I had to go to his house, which wasn't the original plan. I got SO nervous. I really don't know why. Every time I go on a date, even when I know that person pretty well, I get so nervous that I feel sick and consider cancelling. I never do though, I just wait it out. Tell myself to breathe. Don't breathe, and pace a lot. It usually only lasts until about 5 minutes into the date and then I'm fine. Usually.
The date itself was pretty short, and a little more nerve wracking than usual. Like I said, I usually get over my nerves pretty quick, but this was a special case, we doubled with another couple, and the boy in the other couple had asked me out last week. I told him no. I've never told a boy no for a date before. I hadn't talked to him till I saw him on the date. A little awkward... 
We went to an Indian restaurant, which was delicious! Talked about nerdy things, some of which I knew about, some of which I didn't. I made a joke about my date being a jerk and then immediately realized I should have kept my mouth shut. Sometimes I really don't understand myself at all. 
After the restaurant we talked for a few minutes on his porch, and then I went home. With a lot of extra time to analyze everything. Sometimes I wish that I could just shut my brain down after things like that. 

Sunday we watched my nephew and that night we hung out with my friend. It was so good to see him and catch up! He went away to school this year so Charissa and I love to see him whenever we can!

This week plans:
-Dancing tonight!
-Conference this weekend! Who's excited? I'm excited!

-Play the violin
-Get back into practicing my Spanish every day
-Find a new book to read, suggestions anyone?

Anyway, hope that your weekend was rockin'! I'd love to hear about your adventures!

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Changing of the Leaves

As you all know by now, I celebrate just about anything I can. My best friend suggested that we go up to Provo River Falls with breakfast to enjoy the leaves, so since Fall is upon us (that's right, as of Tuesday!), I naturally said yes.

Second best decision I've made all week!

We left my house around 6:45 AM, picked up breakfast and headed on our way!
If you were looking for a scenic drive to look at the changing leaves, I am telling you that this is the way to go! I only wish I'd taken a close up on one of the trees, they seriously looked like they were on fire, starting green at the bottom and transitioning to red at the top :)

 This may or may not be called the Blanket Hike in my head because it was so cold when we first got up there.

Definitely going to have to do a wreck the dress shoot at this little pond (do you call it a pond if it has water flowing through it? Pool?). We also thought it would be a beautiful place to take bridals, or pretty much anything.

It was a gorgeous morning and a gorgeous drive! There was nobody there when we went and the trees were absolutely breathtaking. Not to mention that it was kind of a long drive so between the scenery, and the conversation, we recharged our hearts a little bit. 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I tried to whittle it down (I may or may not have taken 92 pictures... and Merr took 34), but it was really hard! The ones of me Merr took :) Also, my bad luck with camera's continues. All the pictures I took almost were gone forever until my brother used magic to recover them. He took more than an hour out of his day off to help me, so I really appreciate it! 

Happy Fall! Go see the leaves, you won't regret it!

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Cheesy Quinoa

I'm kind of in love with food. You might never guess it from the way I look, but I really love to eat! I just started working out again and suddenly I'm starving... all the time. Awhile ago when I was trying recipes all the time I tried one for Quinoa Mac and cheese (I always have to say Qwinoah in my head when I'm trying to spell that...), and it wasn't bad, but honestly... I didn't really love it.

So I made up my own recipe. This is kind of a non-recipe recipe, but it's pretty hard to mess up.

What you'll need to make 1 cup (Uncooked) Quinoa:

  • Quinoa
  • Cheese
  • 1 Can Chicken broth
As far as what you'll need to cook WITH I just use a pot and a wooden spoon. You can even mix it in the pot. :)

Cook your Quinoa according to package directions (I should probably state right here that I don't follow the package directions, but that's mostly because they changed them. I rinse my quinoa, then put it in 2 cups of chicken broth. Bring to a boil and boil until the liquid is gone, or almost gone (about 15 min). Then turn off the heat and cover for 5 minutes.)
Grate cheese into the quinoa, adding gradually while stirring to desired cheesiness. I like mine REALLY cheesy :) Basically one part cheese to one part quinoa.


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Thursday, September 25, 2014

7 Talks to Re-Read before General Conference

I am counting down the days until General Conference! Obviously not very well because I forgot that the General Women's meeting was this Saturday (this is what happens when you don't attend your own ward for a month...), but I'm still excited! I was thinking about gearing up for conference and decided that I should probably re-read some of the talks, so here is my list of 7 talks that I loved from General Conference, or that I loved re-reading after it was over!

1. The Cost and Blessings of Discipleship by Elder Jeffery R. Holland
2. Let Your Faith Show By Elder Russell M. Nelson
3. Are You Sleeping Through the Restoration? By President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
4. Grateful in Any Circumstance by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

5. The Prophet Joseph Smith By Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge
6. Wanted: Hands and Hearts to Hasten the Work By Linda K. Burton
7. "Fear Not I Am With Thee" By Jean A. Stevens 

I loved all of these talks. Each one had a little something that seemed meant just for me, which is something that I love about Conference :) When I was in high school, taking seminary, my teacher told me that the conference talks are our marching orders for the next six months and I've never forgotten that. So if you want to join me in getting ready for conference you can read these, or any of your favorite talks before we get brand new favorites! Also, yes, I am a little biased toward President Uchtdorf... I just love him! 

Hope you all have a fantastic Thursday!  

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Weekend Recap

I don't know if you read The Freckled Fox's blog, but I have long been a fan! I love the way she does her review of her weekend, so I thought I'd try it.  Hope you all like it :)

This weekend was a lot of fun. Not nearly as busy as past weekends.
Friday was talk like a pirate day, so naturally a lot of piratey things ensued. We built our pirate ship, we dressed like pirates, we watched the pirate movies 2-4, and we went to Krispy Kreme to get free donuts. Not only was it talk like a pirate day, but it was also my mom's birthday! 
So on Saturday we went to the Zoo to celebrate! It was busy, and hot and I have never been to the zoo with that large of a group before. But it was the Zoo, and I LOVE the zoo. Not as much as I love Sea World... but I love the Zoo. (No I have not watched Black Fish, nor will I. It's the same with hot dogs. I don't want to know what's in them.)

We had to pick up my older sister to go to the Zoo. In case you were wondering, apparently when my sister is not coming to the door (because she's dead asleep, not actually dead) my mind goes to murdered, while my little sister is more worried that my older sister will shoot us for coming into her house. 

Also this weekend was the Ogden Temple dedication which I had the privilege of attending! It was so amazing! If I'd known that there was going to be different speakers at each session (there were 3) I might have gone to more. Especially the last one since I heard that Pres. Uchtdorf spoke and I love him :) I went to the first session with my best friend and then we spent several hours after just talking about anything and everything. I love her. A lot. It was a great Sunday!

This week I'm planning on going:
-Dancing (This is going to be a weekly thing. It's just so addicting!)
-2 Weddings!

-Make one new recipe
-Schedule my visiting teaching or make my girls some treats
-Figure out my camera situation
-Finish a new book
-Write something book or poetry related every day
-Write a letter to someone

What did you do this weekend? What do you plan to do this next week?
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dear Heart

Dear Heart,

We're in quite a jumble again aren't we? When did we decide that this was fun? Oh yes, I believe it was kindergarten. You know, for someone who is terrified of eternity and terrified of screwing that kind of decision up, you sure hold onto things hard. 

What happened? We were just going along, happy to be single, happy to alone really (in a non-bitter, non-I actually really need a boy right now but I'm pretending badly that I don't kind of way). 
Then BAM. Jumble. 

I kind of thought we'd never do this again. Well... partial lie. But I kind of believed it coming from myself. 

Yet here we are. Totally confused about what we want and what we don't want and trying to decide that we don't want what we might want because if we want it and we don't get it then we might be more than jumbled we might be shattered. 

Shattered is bad. I do recall that. 

Yet, let's be honest, it's a little fun. The not knowing, the anticipation. The utter and complete confusion about our entire lives. 

And so, dear heart, please figure this out. Or don't. Because since when did I really know what I wanted and what was actually good for me anyway?

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Shall we Dance?

Happy Wednesday folks! Guess what? I'm actually going to do random fact Wednesday this week! I know, you're all really excited. 

So, I just starting going dancing again these last few weeks, and I thought that you all might not know about my love for dancing. Apparently I don't really have many pictures of me dancing, so I apologize for that!

On to the facts!

1. When I was a kid I always wanted to be a ballet dancer, so when I finally got into Tap, Jazz, and Ballet lessons when I was... 6? 7? I was super excited! I really did love tap more than Jazz and Ballet though. We were only in for a year.

2. It wasn't till middle school that I went back to dancing. I still had a dream of being a dancer, so I took a dance class in 8th grade. I was really really bad, but it was good times. Especially when my whole group decided not to do our dance on test day and I had to do it by myself. Ha ha I got an A, but I think it was mostly because my teacher felt so bad that everyone bailed.

3. The turning point for me was learning some country swing on Merr's driveway when I was 16. From that point there was no turning back, I was hooked!

4. I took Ballroom 1 and 2 my senior year of high school. I took ballroom 1 and 2 in college as well as an advanced Country swing class.

5. I love Zumba. I do Zumba on my Kinect and it's basically my favorite thing to do. Especially when I wear a coin sash. Just saying, everything is more fun with a coin sash.

6. My favorite dances are Country swing (mostly for the lifts), Waltz, and Cha cha :)

Oh, oh! I just remembered a dancing story or two that must be shared.

7. I have had my hair ripped out twice while dancing. Both times while doing lifts that involved me laying on the ground. Neither time hurt actually. I could just hear the ripping as they stood on my hair and lifted me. The second time I remember just pulling out an entire curl and dropping it to the ground. 

8. Once I took my dad on a Daddy Daughter date to the Murray Arts Center with Merr and her dad. I was trying to teach my dad the candlestick. Do not ask me how it happened, because I don't know, but I kicked my dad in the head. I felt so bad and I don't even know how it happened, my feet shouldn't have been by his head. Needless to say, we have not been dancing since.

There you go! Any dancers out there? What style is your favorite?
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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Why I Believe

If you have ever wondered why I believe in my church, then here is your answer.

I was thinking about this the other day. Why do I belong to this church? Why do I belong to any church? And why do I keep choosing this church every day?

First of all, because I feel that it's true. Because I believe that Christ did live and that He did die for me. Because I believe that He established this church. But if that weren't true. Even if that were a lie, I would still live it.

Here's why:
Being a member of this church teaches us so many things. 
We taught to be leaders, given opportunities to lead since we are small, both within church activities and by being encouraged to be examples to everyone that we meet. 
We are taught public speaking through talks. 
We are taught how to teach others.
We are taught to build and support each other, through almost all of the programs.
We are taught to study through studying the scriptures.
We are taught to serve everyone, and see the potential in anyone. 
We are taught to make goals and learn how to achieve them. 
We are taught to be honest, no matter what.
We are taught to value family, the most basic building block of society.
We are taught to forgive others and ourselves, because no one is perfect.
We are taught to see beyond ourselves.
We are taught to love and to trust.
We are taught to change for the better.
We are taught that everyone is different, no better or worse than one another, each striving to be our best selves. My best self is not a copy of anyone else's best self. Like the temples that we worship in, none of them are exactly the same. The grounds, the design, is different, but all are good. All are perfect. All work to achieve the purpose that they were designed for. Our purposes are not exactly alike, even though they may be similar.
We are taught to look on the bright side. To take lessons, not bitterness, from trials. To become stronger, to lean on others when we break.
We are taught that there is more beauty and joy and goodness in the world than we can always see. 
We are taught that not everything is explained, not because it can't be explained, but because we aren't always able to understand that explanation yet. 
We are taught to respect our bodies and their power to create. To protect both ourselves and our possible children by bringing them only into a complete family where they have the best chance to succeed. 

This is a church that strives to bring out the best in everyone. This isn't a church of perfect people, not by a long shot. We all fail. We are all bad examples at one point or another. We are hypocrites. We fall short, and we are human, but that doesn't take away from the goodness we are capable of. 

I haven't always been accepted by my church friends, and in fact, have probably received more flack for living my standards by people within the church than I have from without. I've been asked to compromise more from them than I ever have by people not of my faith. But it isn't the people that I believe in, it's the church itself. 

We strive to bring together the best in this world, to always be expanding in goodness, in learning, in talent. It is a church of growth, and goodness. That is why I love it. That is why I choose it. That is why I live it. 

Happy Sunday to you all, whatever you believe :)
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Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Quest for the Northern Lights

Seeing the Northern Lights has been on my bucket list for quite some time. I may have forgotten to put it on the written down list, but I promise, it is on the list! So when I heard that we would be able to see the Northern Lights down in my neck of the woods... I was a little excited (read: super excited). 

My best friend and I decided that we would see this. So we loaded up into her car with a full tank of gas, hot chocolate, a telescope, a DSLR camera (my mom's), and my little point and shoot. 

Our original plan was to go to bountiful. Then antelope island. But Merr's dad said that wouldn't be far enough... so we decided to drive to the Idaho border to see the lights. We got off the freeway and found a dirt road. 

It was so dark! Beautiful to see so many stars. Cassiopeia, the Milky Way... It was just amazing! 

But we couldn't see the lights. I called some friends who were farther north, but they couldn't see them either. It begs the question, did ANYONE see them? Was this just some giant hoax?

I didn't see the lights, and I stupidly left my camera on the trunk of the car to be lost forever, but it was an adventure worth having. We met some other people who were trying to see the lights, we drank hot chocolate and sang along to the Mae Pandora radio station the whole way there and back. It was like being 16 again. :)

I would do it again. I really would. As sad as I am that I lost my camera, I am grateful that I didn't lose any pictures (other than the ones that I took last night). After all, it is just a thing, and things can be replaced. Memories can't. 

Did you see the lights? Have you EVER seen the lights? Any camera recommendations? :)
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Weekend Recap

Last weekend was one of the crazier weekends I've had in awhile. Yes, I realize that it's almost the weekend again, which gives you an idea of how long it has taken me to recover :)

 My weekend started on Thursday. Going straight from work to downtown. Charissa and I had signed up to help out at our booth for a few hours. When we got there the line to get into Comic con was out the door... 45 minutes later, one bathroom costume change and a frantic searching of Comic con for our booth to get Charissa a vendor pass later, we were in! We were only able to help out at the booth for about an hour and half because I was also teaching some basic sewing skills for my relief society, but it was still fun! The line was not fun. But helping at the booth was :)

 On Friday Charissa's Little Big sister (of no actual blood relation...) got home from her mission and we got to meet her at the airport! It was awesome to see her come down the escalator and all the people who loved her.

 Saturday we finally made it back to comic con. the line was once again out the door and wrapped around the building. I had to leave Charissa to stand in line while I tried to find parking... I parked more than a mile away, but I still made it into the line before Charissa even made it into the inside the building line. 

 Ok, I just couldn't resist the chance to get a picture in the Tardis, especially since it was FREE! :) Charissa and I were princesses because we had dressed up for a princess party for 3 year olds and came straight from there to comic con!
 Heard of Evermore yet? It looks like it's going to be sweet!

We didn't end up staying long at Comic con. We had fun, but honestly the crowds were insane and the lines... I don't know that I would do it again. This year we had free multi-passes because we went to a press release, but if we hadn't gotten them, I don't think we would have gone. I often felt like I had no control over where I was going inside the salt palace because the crowd was just pushing me along. Not to mention that it was SO big! We couldn't find anything because there were too many things, even having the app and their little booklet that they handed out wasn't as helpful as I would have hoped. 

Lastly, I finally went dancing! If you didn't already know this about me, I LOVE dancing. I got into it in high school. I first started learning Country Swing on my best friend's driveway. Then I enrolled in a ballroom class, two semesters of that in high school. I loved going to the Murray arts center and learning new things there. Then in college I took ballroom 1 and 2, as well as an advanced Country Swing class. I also went dancing about once a week. But it has been over a year since I went dancing. Let's just say I'm MORE than a little rusty. I've never been an amazing dancer, but I love it so much that I don't care! I hope to be amazing one day though!

So that was my crazy busy weekend! I may just lay in bed all weekend this weekend just because I can! Or, more likely, now that I've gotten a little busier, I'll continue the trend until I can't take it anymore (welcome to my life :) ). 

What are your weekend plans? Did you go to comic con? What did YOU think?
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Monday, September 8, 2014

The Secret Keeper

I am a horrible secret keeper. 
I have always been a horrible secret keeper. 
Well... that's not exactly true. When I was little I was a horrible secret keeper. Then, as I got older and got some secrets of my own, I got pretty good about keeping my mouth shut. 
I had this idea that I was keeping all these secrets for my future husband, so that he would know all these secret things about me that no one else knew. In fact, I would say that's one of the things that has torn some of my relationships apart. Because I didn't know if they were "the one" and so I couldn't tell them the secrets. I had to save something for my future spouse! So that I could say, "I've never told anyone but you."
One day I decided that I probably wouldn't know whether or not a man was "the one", and suddenly all the secrets came out. 
Seriously, I don't think that there's a single thing that I haven't told SOMEBODY along the way. 
And so, I became horrible at keeping secrets. People tell me I'm not allowed to tell someone else and all of the sudden I'm dying. Like I'm a pressurized cannon and someone's squeezing the trigger, but not pulling. 
It seems like when this happens I have to tell everyone everything else, but the secret. Because I can't tell that. So I tell them all the things, EXCEPT that. I tell them about the weird little details of my life that aren't really secrets, but that they just aren't around to observe. 
It seems to happen most when I'm the passenger in a car and the driver isn't talking. Suddenly word vomit of every thought I've ever had comes spilling out. I'm even thinking to myself, stop talking! Why are you talking about this? This was something you decided  you'd never discuss with anyone (example, I do something stupid or embarrassing by myself and swear to never tell anyone. Guaranteed it spills out of my mouth in the next 10 minutes after I see someone I know.)
So here I am, keeping a secret and spilling to all you lovely people the inner workings of my mind. 
You're welcome. I hope you enjoyed the ramble :) 
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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Currently Entertained

Last week I started a book that I've been meaning to read for quite some time...
Words of Randiance by Brandon Sanderson :)
I have been reading it a lot today, I'm almost to the end and it totally sucked me in! It's so good! I would recommend it, and the book before it (The Way of Kings) to basically everyone. Don't let the size scare you off (they're both just over 1000 pages), it is totally worth it!

Have you read it?
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