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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Leaves, 2 weddings, Women's Meeting, temple and a date

Clearly I should have taken more pictures this weekend... a LOT happened. 

It all started on Thursday before I even left for work, because I had a wedding right after work. Well, more accurately I had to help do hair for a wedding right after work. I won't lie, I felt really cool that I was asked to help with hair for a wedding! Granted, about all I can do is braid, but I guess my braiding is pretty ok if they want to me to do it for weddings ;) The wedding was for my little sister (she's not actually related to me, but basically yes, my little sister). I can't believe that she's married! And I'm so happy for her. The ceremony was short and sweet. No, I did not catch the bouquet. Foiled! By my actual little sister!

Friday, well you heard about the beginning part on my blog post about the changing of the leaves. Later that night Merr and I went to another wedding, which was fun. I love that girl so much. You'd think we'd be sick of each other by now, but nope! 10 years later and we can still spend all day together and never get bored!

Saturday started WAY too early. I woke up to go to the temple, got dressed and headed out. It was rainy. I was ALMOST there, when I thought to myself, "did I bring my recommend?" So I pulled into the church parking lot and checked. NOPE. I did not. I took it out for the dedication last Sunday and then completely forgot to put it back in my wallet. So I had to drive all the way home, get my recommend and drive back again. It wasn't too bad though, and I LOVE that temple (Draper, if you were wondering). It's so nice to be able to go every week and just enjoy the spirit there.
Later that day I watched the Women's Meeting for conference, as you can see in the picture with Soleil, she was a little upset that I was taking notes instead of holding her. It was also amazing and mostly about temples. I didn't feel chastised until President Uchtdorf started talking about visiting teaching and I realized that for this month Charissa and I were just dropping off cookies... We will do better! 
Then I had a date. Of course, I got ready about an hour early, which turned out to be good because to be on time I had to go to his house, which wasn't the original plan. I got SO nervous. I really don't know why. Every time I go on a date, even when I know that person pretty well, I get so nervous that I feel sick and consider cancelling. I never do though, I just wait it out. Tell myself to breathe. Don't breathe, and pace a lot. It usually only lasts until about 5 minutes into the date and then I'm fine. Usually.
The date itself was pretty short, and a little more nerve wracking than usual. Like I said, I usually get over my nerves pretty quick, but this was a special case, we doubled with another couple, and the boy in the other couple had asked me out last week. I told him no. I've never told a boy no for a date before. I hadn't talked to him till I saw him on the date. A little awkward... 
We went to an Indian restaurant, which was delicious! Talked about nerdy things, some of which I knew about, some of which I didn't. I made a joke about my date being a jerk and then immediately realized I should have kept my mouth shut. Sometimes I really don't understand myself at all. 
After the restaurant we talked for a few minutes on his porch, and then I went home. With a lot of extra time to analyze everything. Sometimes I wish that I could just shut my brain down after things like that. 

Sunday we watched my nephew and that night we hung out with my friend. It was so good to see him and catch up! He went away to school this year so Charissa and I love to see him whenever we can!

This week plans:
-Dancing tonight!
-Conference this weekend! Who's excited? I'm excited!

-Play the violin
-Get back into practicing my Spanish every day
-Find a new book to read, suggestions anyone?

Anyway, hope that your weekend was rockin'! I'd love to hear about your adventures!

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