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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Changing of the Leaves

As you all know by now, I celebrate just about anything I can. My best friend suggested that we go up to Provo River Falls with breakfast to enjoy the leaves, so since Fall is upon us (that's right, as of Tuesday!), I naturally said yes.

Second best decision I've made all week!

We left my house around 6:45 AM, picked up breakfast and headed on our way!
If you were looking for a scenic drive to look at the changing leaves, I am telling you that this is the way to go! I only wish I'd taken a close up on one of the trees, they seriously looked like they were on fire, starting green at the bottom and transitioning to red at the top :)

 This may or may not be called the Blanket Hike in my head because it was so cold when we first got up there.

Definitely going to have to do a wreck the dress shoot at this little pond (do you call it a pond if it has water flowing through it? Pool?). We also thought it would be a beautiful place to take bridals, or pretty much anything.

It was a gorgeous morning and a gorgeous drive! There was nobody there when we went and the trees were absolutely breathtaking. Not to mention that it was kind of a long drive so between the scenery, and the conversation, we recharged our hearts a little bit. 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I tried to whittle it down (I may or may not have taken 92 pictures... and Merr took 34), but it was really hard! The ones of me Merr took :) Also, my bad luck with camera's continues. All the pictures I took almost were gone forever until my brother used magic to recover them. He took more than an hour out of his day off to help me, so I really appreciate it! 

Happy Fall! Go see the leaves, you won't regret it!

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