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Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Quest for the Northern Lights

Seeing the Northern Lights has been on my bucket list for quite some time. I may have forgotten to put it on the written down list, but I promise, it is on the list! So when I heard that we would be able to see the Northern Lights down in my neck of the woods... I was a little excited (read: super excited). 

My best friend and I decided that we would see this. So we loaded up into her car with a full tank of gas, hot chocolate, a telescope, a DSLR camera (my mom's), and my little point and shoot. 

Our original plan was to go to bountiful. Then antelope island. But Merr's dad said that wouldn't be far enough... so we decided to drive to the Idaho border to see the lights. We got off the freeway and found a dirt road. 

It was so dark! Beautiful to see so many stars. Cassiopeia, the Milky Way... It was just amazing! 

But we couldn't see the lights. I called some friends who were farther north, but they couldn't see them either. It begs the question, did ANYONE see them? Was this just some giant hoax?

I didn't see the lights, and I stupidly left my camera on the trunk of the car to be lost forever, but it was an adventure worth having. We met some other people who were trying to see the lights, we drank hot chocolate and sang along to the Mae Pandora radio station the whole way there and back. It was like being 16 again. :)

I would do it again. I really would. As sad as I am that I lost my camera, I am grateful that I didn't lose any pictures (other than the ones that I took last night). After all, it is just a thing, and things can be replaced. Memories can't. 

Did you see the lights? Have you EVER seen the lights? Any camera recommendations? :)
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