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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Why I Believe

If you have ever wondered why I believe in my church, then here is your answer.

I was thinking about this the other day. Why do I belong to this church? Why do I belong to any church? And why do I keep choosing this church every day?

First of all, because I feel that it's true. Because I believe that Christ did live and that He did die for me. Because I believe that He established this church. But if that weren't true. Even if that were a lie, I would still live it.

Here's why:
Being a member of this church teaches us so many things. 
We taught to be leaders, given opportunities to lead since we are small, both within church activities and by being encouraged to be examples to everyone that we meet. 
We are taught public speaking through talks. 
We are taught how to teach others.
We are taught to build and support each other, through almost all of the programs.
We are taught to study through studying the scriptures.
We are taught to serve everyone, and see the potential in anyone. 
We are taught to make goals and learn how to achieve them. 
We are taught to be honest, no matter what.
We are taught to value family, the most basic building block of society.
We are taught to forgive others and ourselves, because no one is perfect.
We are taught to see beyond ourselves.
We are taught to love and to trust.
We are taught to change for the better.
We are taught that everyone is different, no better or worse than one another, each striving to be our best selves. My best self is not a copy of anyone else's best self. Like the temples that we worship in, none of them are exactly the same. The grounds, the design, is different, but all are good. All are perfect. All work to achieve the purpose that they were designed for. Our purposes are not exactly alike, even though they may be similar.
We are taught to look on the bright side. To take lessons, not bitterness, from trials. To become stronger, to lean on others when we break.
We are taught that there is more beauty and joy and goodness in the world than we can always see. 
We are taught that not everything is explained, not because it can't be explained, but because we aren't always able to understand that explanation yet. 
We are taught to respect our bodies and their power to create. To protect both ourselves and our possible children by bringing them only into a complete family where they have the best chance to succeed. 

This is a church that strives to bring out the best in everyone. This isn't a church of perfect people, not by a long shot. We all fail. We are all bad examples at one point or another. We are hypocrites. We fall short, and we are human, but that doesn't take away from the goodness we are capable of. 

I haven't always been accepted by my church friends, and in fact, have probably received more flack for living my standards by people within the church than I have from without. I've been asked to compromise more from them than I ever have by people not of my faith. But it isn't the people that I believe in, it's the church itself. 

We strive to bring together the best in this world, to always be expanding in goodness, in learning, in talent. It is a church of growth, and goodness. That is why I love it. That is why I choose it. That is why I live it. 

Happy Sunday to you all, whatever you believe :)
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