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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

25 hours, ASL, Best Friends, and Gilmore Girls

What a weekend! Mostly because most of it was packed into one day, but still! If you read my "Sometimes you Stay Out All Night" post, then you know I pulled my first all nighter Thursday night. 
Apparently it doesn't mess up my sleep to stay up 24 hours. Seriously though, I spent 25 hours awake, and then, in the next 24 hours I spent 12 of them sleeping and then it was like I'd never pulled the all nighter. You'd think that after taking 2, 2 hour naps I wouldn't have slept that night, but I went to bed just fine! 
I did notice that I become a little irrational when sleep deprived though. I showered after I got home and my shampoo has been weird lately (I just switched kinds). I was sitting there, feeling my hair (which felt kind of sticky from this new shampoo) and getting so mad that I was straightening my legs like a 5 year old and almost crying. Rationally I knew it wasn't a big deal. I'd just need to switch shampoos again. But in that moment I just wanted to scream. So maybe skipping sleep isn't a good idea... ha ha. 

Anyway, after nap #2 I went to a Deaf Activity with my little sister. I was so scared! I have never been to a deaf activity before. Never spoken (or signed as the case may be) to a deaf person before. Never taken ASL... Everything I know, I know from my little sister teaching me. I about had a panic attack every time she was calling someone over and introduced me to them. Luckily they all pretty much ignored me after they saw my poor signing of "Nice to meet you". 
It was really cool though, to see everyone signing. It was for an elementary school for Deaf Children so there were a lot of families there. I loved seeing the children signing to each other and to their parents. I was also amazed by how much I understood of the conversations going on around me. Obviously I didn't get everything, but I kind of got the gist! 

Saturday I did a photo shoot with my best friend Merr. It was so much fun! We took pictures at 3 different places. The first may have been my favorite though because it wasn't really a staged thing, it was something that we do all the time, that's iconic of our friendship :) And that's all you get till I post the photos in a few weeks! :)

Also Saturday I went to the Draper Temple before the shoot. I just love it there. I love the way I feel when I'm in the temple. Seriously, I feel prettier there. No make up. Wearing an oversized jumpsuit because I have to get large for the length. Hair back in a pony and occasionally dripping wet and I just feel beautiful. And everyone looks beautiful. It's just an amazing feeling. 

After the photo shoot we proceeded to watch Gilmore Girls almost the whole rest of the day, with one break to go get Rumbi, sort of watching our nephew, and making dinner. Don't judge ha ha. It was kind of nice to do nothing for awhile. 

Sunday we got to go to church without our nephew for the first time in about 2 months. I love that little man more than I can say, but it was SO nice to be able to just focus on what was being said and learning. 

There's my weekend! What did you do with yours?

This Week:
-Jazz Game
-Institute Class
-Hanging with the Captain
-Hot Chocolate with Smiles

-Read a new book
-Practice Spanish every day
-New poem
-Start 40 days and 40 nights challenge
-Visiting teaching :)
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