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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Conference, Car Crash, Canyon

So basically, this weekend was the greatest. 

Friday Charissa and I went to the Library. As you can see... I didn't make it out of the library very well. I try to get out of there when my book bag can no longer hold books. I didn't get out in time this time...
I did get a book to teach me latin, Catching Fire in Spanish, A Heart Like His, and The Remarkable Soul of a Woman. If you have any other suggestions on books, I will take them!
I also got to attend the temple on Friday. It was a different time than I usually go, but I got to meet two other girls, both that had come by themselves. I didn't even really get their names, but it was nice to sit with them. To know that we were all there for the same reason. 

Saturday and Sunday were spent watching conference! I REALLY loved it this year. I think I prepared better for conference than I ever have before. I reread The Screwtape Letters and I read The Remarkable Soul of a Woman and started reading A Heart Like His. Plus I reread my favorite talks from last conference and really dove into my scriptures. I just felt like I got more out of each talk than I ever have before. 
Sunday morning I got to have a "Meeting" with one of my favorite people on the planet. Sometimes I just need to tell her everything and I always feel better about life.
What was really wonderful as well was going up Millcreek Canyon on Sunday afternoon to enjoy nature and listen to the talks. We sat against the car and listened. That view of the sky up there was my view for most of that session. I loved when it was the rest hymn and we were all singing Count Your Many Blessings together, Charissa and Merr taking the harmonies. 
That song was especially applicable because on our way up to the canyon we got in a car accident. It wasn't too bad, just a fender bender. My back hurts today and Charissa's neck hurts, but we're all ok. Merr was amazing. She smiled after she got hit. She was gracious and calm when I know that if I were the driver, I would be bawling. She is an amazing best friend and an amazing human being. 

Fantastic weekend!

This Week:
-Hanging out with an old EFY buddy
-Best Friend Photo shoot on Friday (we've been friends for over 10 years... this is long overdue!)
-Temple on Saturday

-Continue with Violin
-Run! At least once
-Read a new book

How was your weekend?? What are you looking forward to?
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