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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dating By Numbers

So on Monday I had officially been in the dating world for 8 years... That is really weird to think about! I guess technically I had been in it since I turned 16, but since my first date didn't happen until a few months later, I kinda think that's where things really began.

I thought it would be fun to give you a few facts about my dating, in numbers :)

This was taken about two weeks after my first date. In case you were wondering what I looked like when I was 16... :)

I've been dating for 8 years
I've been on dates with 37 different boys.
I've had 5 boyfriends
I've kissed 6 boys
The oldest I've gone on a date with was 10 years older than me.
The youngest I've gone on a date with was 1 year and half younger than me.
Of the boyfriends: 3 blonds, 2 brunettes
The most dates I've gone on in the shortest amount of time would be 3 within 24 hours.
The longest I've gone between dates...6 months without any dates
I've been asked for my number once. In the temple no less.
Someone has given me their number once.
I've been on 4 blind dates.
I've been broken up with by 3 boyfriends, I've broken up with 2
The tallest I've dated (and by dated I mean, been on a date with) was 6' 5" maybe a little taller.
The shortest I've dated was 5' 3"
My first date was miniature golfing.
My last date was for Indian food. (We'll pretend that first and last are numbers ok? :) )
I went to 4 formal dances in high school. 
I've been tricked into 1 date. Well, technically more, but the other ones I wanted to be dating them, so I was ok with it. 
I've been stood up once.
I've been cancelled on once.
I have been late for 1 date.
I've straight up rejected only 1 guy for a date.
The longest date I've been on was probably about 12 hours.
The shortest about an hour.

There's dating by numbers for you!
When was your first date? Any random dating by numbers you'd like to share? 

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