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Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Best Friend Merr

You ever meet someone and know instantly that you are going to be friends? That was kind of Merr and I. Honestly, I remember seeing her walk the halls in 7th grade with her binder and I thought to myself, "Someday, we're going to be friends." Which is actually really weird because I didn't know her at all. We didn't go to the same elementary school, we didn't have any friends in common, we didn't even have any classes together. But somehow I knew we'd someday make it to friends status.

Also I guess I should tell you that we didn't make it to friend status until 8th grade. And then we were just in the same friend group. I didn't really know that we were friends until Merr called me crying one day to come over. Then I knew that we were buddies if she didn't care that I saw her like that, and that she trusted me enough to comfort her in that kind of state. 

Today is her birthday! My best friend is 25 :) 
I love this girl! I love that we have been friends 10 years. I love that even though we've had a couple fights where I thought we wouldn't be able to move past it, we always have. 
She is smart, she is kind, she shows up for me. That is a mark of a good friend for me. We definitely DO NOT agree on everything, but I always know that I can count on her. I know that I can say anything that's on my mind and she'll listen. 
She's amazing and I'm so grateful that I got to have a best friend like her. I love that when I was up at college she used to chill with my little sister. She is family to me. 
I am definitely not a perfect best friend, but she keeps me around. 
Also, I love that she and I are awesome enough to buy best friend lockets even when both of us are old enough that one of us is graduated from college and the other is home from a mission.
I love that we can get hot chocolate and drive to our spot and spill everything. But seriously, hot chocolate heals all wounds.

P.S. We took these up Millcreek Canyon at the same place that we listened to General Conference and it was GORGEOUS. Seriously, next year you need to get up there when the leaves are changing. It was breathtaking. 

Going up to conference we got in a car accident (if you follow me on facebook you know that Sunday afternoons are not a good time for me to be in a car) and Merr was driving. I was so impressed, she didn't get mad! She handled it all with grace and understanding. She is an amazing human being, I would have been a puddle of tears. 

We're a little weird, but in an awesome way. Promise.

We may or may not have broken the law to take this picture... I'm not really sure. I regret nothing.

Thanks for reading about my awesome best friend! She really is fantastic! I won't even hate you if you borrow our hot chocolate date idea for you and your best friend. Seriously, that's where the secrets come out. In a good way :) 

Also, shout out to my other favorite red head, my little sister who took and edited these photos for me! :)

How did you meet your best friend? How long have you been friends? 
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