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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sleepy, I am sleepy

So as I was thinking of random things about myself that I might share today, I decided that since I'm very tired, I would share one on sleeping :)

Anyone ever notice how weird the word sleep is? It seems really weird to me all of the sudden... 

1. I can only recall accidentally falling asleep once or twice in my life. Every other time I make a conscious decision to go to sleep. Doesn't really matter how tired I am, unless I decide to sleep, I will stay awake. In fact, most times, I don't even get super tired until I decide to fall asleep.

2. I have never pulled an all nighter. 
I tried once in high school at a sleep over, but I fell asleep around midnight for about 20 minutes...

3. I'm a back sleeper and I don't really move in my sleep.
I've had people tell me, "You only think you don't move because you're sleeping"... no, no, my family tells me I don't move. People I've shared a bed with tell me I don't move.

4. In fact I sleep kind of like a mummy. 
I sleep on my back with my arms across my chest because yes, I still sleep with a teddy bear. Don't know that I'll really truly break that habit till I get married someday!

5. I sleep with a fan on and window open almost every night. Although oddly, I did neither of these things in college and slept fine... but in my own room, I need it.

6. I have dreamt of being chased and then killed almost every night for as long as I can remember, but only since I started college have I dreamt that I could actually fight back (it is awesome being the hero!)

There you have it! Now I might go climb back into bed... Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!
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