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Monday, October 13, 2014

So I have a theory...

Hot Chocolate dates.

Seriously though, can someone please explain to me why the rest of the world goes on nice casual little dates for drinks or Coffee and yet we people, who drink neither of those things, don't go on Hot Chocolate dates?

I feel like so many boys feel like it has to be this big thing to ask a girl out on a date. Then because boys so rarely ask girls out unless they're really interested, girls sometimes act like it's a big commitment to even go out once.

So I propose Hot Chocolate dates. No pressure. You can just get to know someone. Seriously, 7-eleven hot chocolate is one of the best things ever. If you want to get fancy you could go to The Chocolate or something. 

This way, it's all casual. You don't have to feel like you're proposing marriage just because you want to take someone out. Of course, you should probably let the girl know that it's a Hot Chocolate Date. I can't tell you the number of times I ate because I thought I wasn't being fed, or the number of times I starved because I thought we were going to dinner. 

Not only is it casual, but it's not really expensive either. 

I'm just saying, the world would be a better place if Hot Chocolate dates were a thing. 

P.S. I love Hot Chocolate. Also, Naked Juice. That could also be a good date. Although, probably don't ask her by saying, "Hey, want to go get Naked sometime?" Unless you know her really well, and she knows what you mean. 
You should probably say, "Would you like to go get some fruit juice some time?" Or something better than that. I couldn't think a way of saying that without it sounding really bad. 
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