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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sometimes You Stay Out All Night

You should all be very proud of me. Like really really proud. I pulled an all nighter! That's right, Rachael history has been made.

Not that I planned to pull an all nighter...

I hadn't seen Captain in a year. Possibly more than a year. 

Captain and I drove aimlessly around, well semi-aimlessly. We were looking for an ice cream place and ended up at Coldstone. In case you were wondering, it's already too late to eat ice cream outside. We probably sat outside telling stories and both pretending we weren't freezing to death for an hour before we left. 

Then Captain and I headed back to his house and watched Arrow on Netflix. He hadn't seen any of it before and we started in the second season. I was trying to explain everything, which didn't really happen because it has been awhile since I saw season one... so we ended up making fun of the show and naming every single girl on the show some form of Penelope (emo-penelope, penelope 1.5, penelope 2.0).

It was probably around 2 or 3 that we started watching Return to Me. Which we mostly talked through. And when THAT was over, we listened to music, watched Studio C, watched music videos.

Since Captain drove me over I just kind of expected us to run out of things to talk about and then he'd take me home. But I wasn't tired, so I didn't worry about it. And we never ran out of things to say.

All of the sudden it's 4:30 in the morning. 

I told Captain I was hungry, we were kind of waiting for places to open for breakfast, so more music, more spilling of hearts, and more chatting about randomness.

On the way to breakfast at 5 something in the morning we decided it might be fun to explore some apartment buildings that were under construction. Don't worry, I don't think the cop saw us. Not that we may have been seen by a cop, or that we hurried to the car and took a way that the cop wouldn't see us in case he was about to come track us down...

We went to breakfast at The Belgian Waffle and Omlete Inn. Did you know that you get really great service at 6 in the morning? You do and the plates are the size of my torso. It's a lot of food!

We were almost to my house, talking about how I love the color blue of the sky when the sun is just about to come up when we decided that we might as well watch the sun rise. So we drove up Big Cottonwood to watch the sunrise. It took FOREVER, but it was totally worth it! The trees were gorgeous and the sun came up after like 45 minutes in the cold. 

Then I'd officially been up for 24 hours.
And my little sister thought I was dead in a ditch and almost called the cops. 

I learned that I don't need caffeine to stay up for 24 hours.
It is in fact physically possible. 
I really can stay up until I tell myself to fall asleep. 
You stay up long enough and the world starts to seem different. (I would pay money to record my thoughts as I was falling asleep. They were both profound and made no sense.)
ANYTHING is funny after about 20 hours awake.
My body moves a lot slower when I'm that tired, even if I don't feel like sleeping. 
I do not look good after watching movies all night and staying up for 24 hours. (I think the window of attractiveness ends at like 18 hours awake)
At 20 hours of being awake, I no longer care how I look. 

 So that's the end of the story. We had an epic time, and hopefully it won't take another year before we catch up again. But hey, we're past the 7 year mark, so Captain and I will be friends for life, right? If we only hang out once a year until we both die that's like at least 30 more epic nights, right?

Have you ever pulled an all nighter? How did you do it? What was the epicness that occurred? 
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