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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This is where I say something clever...

You know, coming up with blog titles may be the hardest part of blogging for me. Guaranteed I usually think of a better title roughly 20 minutes after I publish a post. Almost without fail. So even if I schedule it to post in a few days, after it finally goes live I'm like, "hey, you know what would be a good title? Not what I named it!" 

Anyway, enough rambling (I seem to be doing a lot of that the last day or two). Guess who just hit 100 posts?? Yup! Me! I will definitely be celebrating today, in between all the other things in my life :)

This last weekend:

Thursday: Middle Picture
I had a hot chocolate date! With my mom. We went to The Chocolate and she let me ramble on about my recent drama. P.S. if you've never been to the chocolate, you should go. Their hot chocolate is AMAZING.
Also, hung out with the Captain! We went to an institute class together and had general good times, which were going to include Netflix, but actually just included a lot of talking.

Friday: Top row
Literally almost the entire day was spent getting ready for a photoshoot and party. But it was kind of awesome. The shoot, not the party so much. You'll get to see all the pretty pictures on Halloween! :)

Saturday: Middle Left and Right
One of my dear roommates from the TreeHouse got married! And I got to see Dizzle. In case you were wondering, that's Diz in the pics. She's pretty much fantastic. Also she's my pen pal which gets her bonus points.

Sunday: Bottom Row
Ok, this was amazing. Steven Sharp Nelson from the Piano Guys came and played. I loved watching him play! We got really good seats so we could see all of his expressions and the way his hands played each note. One of my favorite things was being close enough that you could hear him suck in a quick breath while he was playing. He played with such beautiful emotion, and being such an amazing musician, it was a privilege to watch. Even if my back is still kind of angry from sitting for 3 hours. Worth it. 

This week:
-Dancing (for real this week)
-Party Wednesday?? 
-Merr's birthday!!!
-Halloween party with the EFY crew

-Figure out what I'm writing for NaNoWriMo
-Write one poem 

What are you guys doing for Halloween? Got your costume yet? Are you doing NaNo? :)
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