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Sunday, November 30, 2014

If I never stop blogging...

Guess what guys! I'm alive. I know you were all starting to get a little worried, but rest assured, now that I've finished my novel I'm back! Also, I will be getting a new camera soon and so pictures (recent ones) will be returning to the blog.

My little sister and I had an interesting conversation about what would happen if I wasn't actually alive. In case you were wondering, should I die before I quit blogging, Charissa will write you all a nice farewell post. 

I really have no idea how long I'll blog, or how long blogging will be a thing, but what if it never ended? 

"Dos and don'ts of Retirement home fashion. 10 tips and tricks."
"A review of homes to spend your last days in."
"How I avoided getting dentures and other tales of a 90 year old fashionista."
"A trip to the Pond!"
"Throw back thursday... yeah, it's still kicking, just like me!" (Really though, I wonder how long Throw back thursday can survive.)
"How to rock a walker!"
"Top ten wheelchairs and a give away!"
"My 18th trip to the hospital."

Instead of Mommy bloggers, Granny Bloggers will abound. 

I have a feeling it will be grand. And hilarious. And hopefully very entertaining for everyone to read. 

Have a great Sunday!
Enjoy this picture from the horrible, no good, very bad date that I went on a week ago. Maybe I'll tell you about it later ;)
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Super Powers! Imagined and Real :)

Sometimes I wish that I had superpowers. Most notably, I wish that I could fly (all my Peter Pan fans out there feel me?). Other great super powers to have would be the ability to stop time or to never need sleep (Do you even know how much I could accomplish if sleep were not a necessary part of life? Also, do you know how much time I could waste?).

For random fact Wednesday, I thought I'd share some of my super powers with you.

For the record, these are not actual super powers, but I think they're pretty great anyways. Also, this picture is from roughly 5 years ago...

1. I can create an inside joke with anyone. Slash if I start making inside jokes with you, we'll probably make so many that you'll have to forget some of them to remember the inside joke of the day. It's a gift.

2. I can command myself to sleep. In other words, I don't sleep until I tell myself, go to sleep. Except once, and that was seriously the most disorienting experience of my life. I do not know how you people live your lives all the time... you could be taken by sleep at any time!

3. I can command others to do things and they do them without question. This was something that I only discovered over the summer when I commanded my friend Hatred to jump out of the car and get us a table at a restaurant. I don't think the car had even stopped moving. And then I realized that things like this had happened before. Don't worry, I don't use my powers for evil. 

4. I can rip a Carl's Jr. Spicy Chicken sandwich perfectly in half. I know, it's a strange power to have, but it's completely true!

5. And as previously mentioned in other posts. I can take away my own agency. So very useful for so many things. It both helps and hurts me. Because it means that I can do things like procrastinate, because I know that later, I will do it, I don't have a choice, and because I know that I will do it, I don't worry about it. It doesn't stress me out.

6. I do scary things when other people are afraid. It's like someone being scared switches off my ability to be scared. I don't know why. Mostly this only happens when they're afraid to kill something (Read: Spiders), or try something new. Even if I was scared before, all of a sudden I'm like, yeah! I got this! Watch me go! 

Those are the only ones I can think of at the moment! Do you have any superpowers? Let's hear them! Have a great Wednesday! Be sure to get lots of sleep tonight if you're planning on hitting black Friday shopping!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The 30 or Better Movie Club

Good Morning! Or afternoon, or whatever it is where you are :) 
So I've been listening to this song by Ed Sheeran lately called Wake Me Up, which is totally cute, but has one swear word, so I won't put a link here. Anyway, there's a line in it about how he thinks that the girl he's with loves Shrek because they've watched it twelve times. So, I thought I'd give you a list of movies that I've watched 30 times or more. Not that I've really made a tally, but I'm pretty sure I know which ones I've watched at least that many times.

1. Beauty and the Beast
Belle is my favorite princess. I really love Rapunzel too, but Belle is my original favorite princess.

2. The Princess Bride
May or may not have watched this one every night for a month straight in high school. Also, if you haven't read the book. You should do that, because it is FANTASTIC.

3. Peter Pan (2003 with Jeremy Sumpter)
Have I mentioned that I love Peter Pan?

4. Chronicles of Narnia
All of them, including the animated version from when I was really little. They're just so good! Seriously, any time I want to inspire myself to be a better person I just watch them and suddenly it's like, why would I ever want to do anything bad ever?

5. The Lord of the Rings Extended Editions
This used to be my go to when I went to bed. I've probably seen the beginning of Fellowship more than a hundred times, but I have seen all of them all the way through a lot of times. I still cry at the end of the third one.

6. The Incredibles
Not sure why I watched this one so much, I just remember that I really loved it. My little sister won't let me watch it anymore...

7. Father of the Bride 2
If anyone asks me what my favorite movie is (what kind of question is that really?), this is the one that I usually say. It's funny and fantastic. I actually kind of want to watch it right now. 

8. Pirates of the Carribean
I just love them. Enough said.

What are your favorite movies? Which ones do you watch over and over again?

Happy Wednesday!
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Monday, November 17, 2014

How Choice Makes Love Mean Something

I was thinking about this yesterday. Ironically, I also really wanted to punch certain boys in the face yesterday. (As a side note, thank you to everyone who also wanted to punch them in the face and supported my doing so, should I ever decide to do that.) Anyway, this was very nearly going to be a rant post about how much I think boys are complete and total idiots right now. Well, one boy, but that's beside the point. 

Instead, I'm going to talk about how great love is.

(Credit for the photo: Charissa, it's the local lock bridge. Someday I may cheesily put my own lock there)

So I was talking with my mom yesterday about how a lot of people my age are either not getting married, or are getting divorced, and I think that part of it is because they don't realize that love is a choice. They think that falling in love is something that happens to you, instead of something you choose. Like being the victim of a massive practical joke if you fall in love and then someone falls out.

I don't believe in "falling" in love. You make a choice, maybe not consciously, but it's made, and you can unmake it and you can make it again. 

Think about it, if love were not a choice, then it would be worthless. As worthwhile as finding a penny. But the fact that it is a choice means so much. It means that when someone promises you that they will always love you, it is a choice that they can make or break (otherwise, why would you want them to promise anyway? They wouldn't have any control over it). It means that it wasn't luck. It wasn't fate. It was a choice. Someone chose you. They didn't have to. They didn't have to keep choosing you. But if they do, that means that endlessly you meant something. It meant something. A small infinity of choices choosing you (to paraphrase the fault in our stars). 

And isn't that so much more special than being someone's lucky penny? Someone's destiny?

For me it means that there is always hope. There is always more choices to be made. It means that if someday my marriage is on the rocks (assuming I get married someday), we can choose to fall back in love. It means that even if someone doesn't choose me today, it doesn't mean that someone can't choose me tomorrow. And because I know that love is a choice, I know that I get to pick who I end up with, and they get to pick me, and that is beautiful.

Ok, I'm done soap boxing. Happy Monday! And if you have any thoughts about love, leave them in the comments :)

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Code Name Verity

Well hello there :) Been awhile hasn't it. In all fairness I totally intended to write a post on Wednesday. I had it all planned out. Then quite honestly I woke up Friday morning and I thought, dang, I didn't write that post, when did Wednesday happen? 

It has been CRAZY around here. Seriously, sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in my own life. Do you ever feel like that? I really try not to think too far into the future because I'll just completely stress myself out. I can do that well enough without thinking about my massive to do list, thank you very much.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you guys about this book that I read. It's called, Code Name Verity.

Code Name Verity

It was amazing! Also, warning, it is the start of a series (yet another series...). It's all in first person and I loved the voice in it. It's about World War II and these two women who become friends. Also, there are references to Peter Pan. Which kind of sold me on it, if we're being honest. Not that I didn't love it before, but you throw Peter Pan into the mix and it is definitely a winner. 

Also, another warning, it's sad. You might need tissues. I did not personally cry, but you might, just saying. Yeah.

Anyway, read it! Tell me what you think! Or, if you've already read it, tell me what you thought! :)
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Sunday, November 9, 2014

What I'd Rather Hear Than I'm Beautiful

Last week, or possibly more than a week ago, I was looking through twitter and I came upon this discussion of what a Woman would rather hear from a man than that she's beautiful. So I was thinking about it this morning, and I would be lying if I didn't say that I enjoy hearing that I'm beautiful from a man. But, I would also like to hear a lot of other things. 

I think the thing that is inherently wrong with just wanting to hear that you are beautiful is that you are not your body. You are so much more than your body. And if your body can be counted on to do anything, it can be counted on to change. Someday, I will not be beautiful anymore. At least not in the same way. But, I will always be Rachael. And yes, Rachael is always changing. Hopefully for the better. 

While my physical good looks may decline, beyond my control, changing myself is something that I can control. I can emphasize my strengths, minimize my physical flaws, but they are still there. No amount of work can make me shorter, or the bump on my nose go away, or get rid of the slight webbing on my toes. Nothing can make my hair thicker or my pointer fingers less twisted. Nothing can change that (barring surgery). That is what I was born with. I was born with curly hair that doesn't always cooperate, and eyes that don't see very well despite being a pretty color. There is nothing for me to be proud of in my physical appearance, because I was just lucky. It shouldn't make me more deserving of anyone's love or attention. Yes, this is the world that we live in, based so much on what we see. But even though a man can appreciate what a woman looks like, if that is his defining reason for wanting you, you should definitely drop him like he's hot.

So I would rather hear that I am smart. I would rather hear that I am talented and capable of achieving my goals. I would rather hear that I am faithful, dedicated, and kind. I would rather hear that I am becoming the person that I hope to be, rather than the prettiest girl in the room. 

What would you rather hear? Men included, what would you want to hear from a woman?
Check out the discussion :)
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How to Survive NaNoWriMo: Tips from a 6 Year Winner

So maybe you're off to a rocky start (like me), maybe you're behind (like me), maybe you had no idea what you were going to write about on day 1 and are still a little clueless (like me), well have no fear! This is not the first year that this has happened for me, and if I made it through, then so can you!

There is always some point at which I fall behind in NaNo. Be it laziness (almost every time), busyness, or just lack of motivation to come up with good ideas. But that doesn't mean that you can't win it!

Here is how I survive NaNo:
-Write something every day. I'm not saying that you write the 1667 every day, but write something.
-If you are on a roll, don't worry that you've already hit your word count! I am so guilty of this, sometimes I'm just waiting to hit my mark and when I do, I stand up and walk away... Not a good plan.
-Embrace NaNoWriMo/Daylight Savings Time insomnia. I don't know if this is really a thing for anyone else, but it is TOTALLY a thing for me. Whether it be because of the time change or my brain is too busy thinking of new ideas, or some combination of the two, I don't sleep. I went to bed at around 2 last night. Usually I go to bed around 11. In any case, if you're already awake, you might as well be writing!
-Take away your own agency. This kind of sounds harsh, but I do this all the time when I'm trying to reach goals. Basically, I take away this line of thought, "Oh hey I'd like to go running, but it's kind of cold and I'm tired, so if tomorrow it's not cold and I'm not tired, THEN I'll go running." I trade it for this line of thinking, "I'm going running tomorrow, even if it's cold. Even if I'm exhausted, it's happening. Even if I don't want to." It is the most effective way for me to be the person I actually want to be instead of the lazy person that I am. 
-Glue your notebook (or other note taking device) to your hip. Well obviously not literally to your hip, your hand maybe, that would be more practical. Either way, it really helps to be able to jot down what you're thinking whenever you think it, whether you're out with friends or at work. That way the idea is still there for you when you actually have time to write. 
-Tell your friends that you're writing. It's scary. You're afraid they'll make fun of your idea about princes and mermaids and people falling in love, but honestly, I have worked through some of my hardest writing problems with people I thought would laugh. I have fixed plot holes that I didn't see because they asked a question. They will probably be more supportive than you think. 
-Have a lot of fun. I'm not just talking writing here. I write better when I'm experiencing new things. Hang out with your friends. Go for a hike. Play some instrument. Do whatever you love. It adds fuel to the fire, I promise.
-You don't need to have a lot of time, just a lot of determination. If I know what I'm thinking of writing, it only takes me about 30 minutes to type out 1667 words. But in NaNo it takes me longer. Somehow when NaNo comes around I always get really busy. Last year I painted my room and helped build a basement for the entire month. On top of working. And I think I still hung out with friends. The year before that I was going out to hang out with people EVERY SINGLE DAY for the entire month. But both years I told myself I would win, and I did. I was exhausted a lot, but I was so happy. Writing does that for me, and if you're doing NaNo I bet it does for you too. 
-Reward yourself. I always go get Apollo Burger when I hit 50K, but I give myself little rewards and treats along the way. It helps me stay happy and motivated. 
-Don't quit, just because you fell behind. If you write a little extra every day, you'll catch up. Even if you fall behind more than once. You don't have to do a 5k day to win. They always advocate a 5k day to catch up if you fall behind, but I don't know about you, that sounds really daunting to me! I have done a 5k day ONCE in my 6 years of NaNo. And I won't tell you how many times I fell behind (mostly because that would be embarrassing. Also I never counted. Which is good, because it might be depressing if I did).
-Get in a competition with someone. My second year of NaNo I convinced two of my roommates to do it with me. I had one roommate that was ALWAYS ahead on word count. Being the competitive person that I am, I always tried to beat her. Not that I did much, but the moments that I was ahead were sweet sweet victory. I still compete with her, which she doesn't know, she's always some ridiculous amount ahead, like 10k, maybe she's competing with some crazy insane person? In any case, it keeps me motivated. 
-Most importantly, Believe in yourself. If you think you can do it, almost guaranteed you will. Have fun and good luck!

For more inspiration, read some tips from other NaNoers!
NaNoWriMo link up
The Novelista

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Monday, November 3, 2014

The Care and Keeping of Me

So this is actually a requested post (who thought I would ever do a post that someone requested??). With the disappointment that happened a few weeks ago, and my being sick this last weekend (don't you worry! This girl is on the mend! Also several thousand words behind in NaNoWrimo... no big deal), I figured that now was a good time to post this.

Personally I think there should be some massive database out there that has a Care and Keeping of guide for every person on the planet. That way, when they need some good buddies, or just some general support, you could just go look up their file!

Anyways, here's what you do if I'm having a hard time, for any reason...

-Don't ask me about it
-Don't look at my like I might burst into tears, because I might

(Everything in this picture is good. Also this is actually what I buy myself almost every year to survive NaNo, so I kind of take care of myself)

-Do bring me ice cream, french fries (preferably McDonalds with hot mustard sauce), or Naked Juice, or Jamba (Pomegranate Pick Me Up or Carribean Passion are my favorites), or cookies n creme bars, or drops I love those. Flaming hot cheetos, with limon. Or a book, seriously, a good book would make my life.

Small rant. If you've ever taken the love languages test, there's that whole thing about getting gifts. I have taken it several times, and I always get really low on gift giving. As in, I don't like receiving gifts. Which is actually kind of false, I mostly just feel really awkward getting them in front of people. I would be a happy girl if every gift I received for the rest of my life was left on my doorstep for me to find. Or really anywhere to find. 

Back to the list
-Do treat me like a normal human being
-Do let me rant about how I feel, without offering advice. Unless asked for.
-Do leave me a note, about anything really. 
-Do ignore the fact that I look sad and leave a lot, probably to go running or to write.
-Do take me for Drives. Anywhere. Walks are also good. 
-Do play with my hair
-Don't dismiss my feelings ("oh, you'll get over it." "Just be more positive!" "Look on the bright side!")
-If I'm sick, leave me to die. I mean periodically leave me crackers and gatorade, but other than that, leave me to die. Don't ask how I'm feeling. I promise it's not a good plan.

Just always remember that if I'm having a hard time, I probably am trying to hide it. I will put on a brave face every time. I don't want anyone to think I'm weak. I don't really expect anyone to take care of me, so mostly if I have a hard time, I'm probably going to take care of myself, but it's always nice to know that people care. So anything you can do to show that you care is really amazing. Anytime you just notice something that makes me happy and then do it, you get extra bonus points, like 10000 extra points. 

What about you? What would go into your "Care and Keeping of" file?

You're all amazing! I hope you have a fantastic Monday and if you too are doing NaNo, good luck! Add me as a buddy if you want! My username is rae_babe16!

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