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Sunday, November 30, 2014

If I never stop blogging...

Guess what guys! I'm alive. I know you were all starting to get a little worried, but rest assured, now that I've finished my novel I'm back! Also, I will be getting a new camera soon and so pictures (recent ones) will be returning to the blog.

My little sister and I had an interesting conversation about what would happen if I wasn't actually alive. In case you were wondering, should I die before I quit blogging, Charissa will write you all a nice farewell post. 

I really have no idea how long I'll blog, or how long blogging will be a thing, but what if it never ended? 

"Dos and don'ts of Retirement home fashion. 10 tips and tricks."
"A review of homes to spend your last days in."
"How I avoided getting dentures and other tales of a 90 year old fashionista."
"A trip to the Pond!"
"Throw back thursday... yeah, it's still kicking, just like me!" (Really though, I wonder how long Throw back thursday can survive.)
"How to rock a walker!"
"Top ten wheelchairs and a give away!"
"My 18th trip to the hospital."

Instead of Mommy bloggers, Granny Bloggers will abound. 

I have a feeling it will be grand. And hilarious. And hopefully very entertaining for everyone to read. 

Have a great Sunday!
Enjoy this picture from the horrible, no good, very bad date that I went on a week ago. Maybe I'll tell you about it later ;)
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