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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Super Powers! Imagined and Real :)

Sometimes I wish that I had superpowers. Most notably, I wish that I could fly (all my Peter Pan fans out there feel me?). Other great super powers to have would be the ability to stop time or to never need sleep (Do you even know how much I could accomplish if sleep were not a necessary part of life? Also, do you know how much time I could waste?).

For random fact Wednesday, I thought I'd share some of my super powers with you.

For the record, these are not actual super powers, but I think they're pretty great anyways. Also, this picture is from roughly 5 years ago...

1. I can create an inside joke with anyone. Slash if I start making inside jokes with you, we'll probably make so many that you'll have to forget some of them to remember the inside joke of the day. It's a gift.

2. I can command myself to sleep. In other words, I don't sleep until I tell myself, go to sleep. Except once, and that was seriously the most disorienting experience of my life. I do not know how you people live your lives all the time... you could be taken by sleep at any time!

3. I can command others to do things and they do them without question. This was something that I only discovered over the summer when I commanded my friend Hatred to jump out of the car and get us a table at a restaurant. I don't think the car had even stopped moving. And then I realized that things like this had happened before. Don't worry, I don't use my powers for evil. 

4. I can rip a Carl's Jr. Spicy Chicken sandwich perfectly in half. I know, it's a strange power to have, but it's completely true!

5. And as previously mentioned in other posts. I can take away my own agency. So very useful for so many things. It both helps and hurts me. Because it means that I can do things like procrastinate, because I know that later, I will do it, I don't have a choice, and because I know that I will do it, I don't worry about it. It doesn't stress me out.

6. I do scary things when other people are afraid. It's like someone being scared switches off my ability to be scared. I don't know why. Mostly this only happens when they're afraid to kill something (Read: Spiders), or try something new. Even if I was scared before, all of a sudden I'm like, yeah! I got this! Watch me go! 

Those are the only ones I can think of at the moment! Do you have any superpowers? Let's hear them! Have a great Wednesday! Be sure to get lots of sleep tonight if you're planning on hitting black Friday shopping!

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