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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The 30 or Better Movie Club

Good Morning! Or afternoon, or whatever it is where you are :) 
So I've been listening to this song by Ed Sheeran lately called Wake Me Up, which is totally cute, but has one swear word, so I won't put a link here. Anyway, there's a line in it about how he thinks that the girl he's with loves Shrek because they've watched it twelve times. So, I thought I'd give you a list of movies that I've watched 30 times or more. Not that I've really made a tally, but I'm pretty sure I know which ones I've watched at least that many times.

1. Beauty and the Beast
Belle is my favorite princess. I really love Rapunzel too, but Belle is my original favorite princess.

2. The Princess Bride
May or may not have watched this one every night for a month straight in high school. Also, if you haven't read the book. You should do that, because it is FANTASTIC.

3. Peter Pan (2003 with Jeremy Sumpter)
Have I mentioned that I love Peter Pan?

4. Chronicles of Narnia
All of them, including the animated version from when I was really little. They're just so good! Seriously, any time I want to inspire myself to be a better person I just watch them and suddenly it's like, why would I ever want to do anything bad ever?

5. The Lord of the Rings Extended Editions
This used to be my go to when I went to bed. I've probably seen the beginning of Fellowship more than a hundred times, but I have seen all of them all the way through a lot of times. I still cry at the end of the third one.

6. The Incredibles
Not sure why I watched this one so much, I just remember that I really loved it. My little sister won't let me watch it anymore...

7. Father of the Bride 2
If anyone asks me what my favorite movie is (what kind of question is that really?), this is the one that I usually say. It's funny and fantastic. I actually kind of want to watch it right now. 

8. Pirates of the Carribean
I just love them. Enough said.

What are your favorite movies? Which ones do you watch over and over again?

Happy Wednesday!
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