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Monday, November 3, 2014

The Care and Keeping of Me

So this is actually a requested post (who thought I would ever do a post that someone requested??). With the disappointment that happened a few weeks ago, and my being sick this last weekend (don't you worry! This girl is on the mend! Also several thousand words behind in NaNoWrimo... no big deal), I figured that now was a good time to post this.

Personally I think there should be some massive database out there that has a Care and Keeping of guide for every person on the planet. That way, when they need some good buddies, or just some general support, you could just go look up their file!

Anyways, here's what you do if I'm having a hard time, for any reason...

-Don't ask me about it
-Don't look at my like I might burst into tears, because I might

(Everything in this picture is good. Also this is actually what I buy myself almost every year to survive NaNo, so I kind of take care of myself)

-Do bring me ice cream, french fries (preferably McDonalds with hot mustard sauce), or Naked Juice, or Jamba (Pomegranate Pick Me Up or Carribean Passion are my favorites), or cookies n creme bars, or drops I love those. Flaming hot cheetos, with limon. Or a book, seriously, a good book would make my life.

Small rant. If you've ever taken the love languages test, there's that whole thing about getting gifts. I have taken it several times, and I always get really low on gift giving. As in, I don't like receiving gifts. Which is actually kind of false, I mostly just feel really awkward getting them in front of people. I would be a happy girl if every gift I received for the rest of my life was left on my doorstep for me to find. Or really anywhere to find. 

Back to the list
-Do treat me like a normal human being
-Do let me rant about how I feel, without offering advice. Unless asked for.
-Do leave me a note, about anything really. 
-Do ignore the fact that I look sad and leave a lot, probably to go running or to write.
-Do take me for Drives. Anywhere. Walks are also good. 
-Do play with my hair
-Don't dismiss my feelings ("oh, you'll get over it." "Just be more positive!" "Look on the bright side!")
-If I'm sick, leave me to die. I mean periodically leave me crackers and gatorade, but other than that, leave me to die. Don't ask how I'm feeling. I promise it's not a good plan.

Just always remember that if I'm having a hard time, I probably am trying to hide it. I will put on a brave face every time. I don't want anyone to think I'm weak. I don't really expect anyone to take care of me, so mostly if I have a hard time, I'm probably going to take care of myself, but it's always nice to know that people care. So anything you can do to show that you care is really amazing. Anytime you just notice something that makes me happy and then do it, you get extra bonus points, like 10000 extra points. 

What about you? What would go into your "Care and Keeping of" file?

You're all amazing! I hope you have a fantastic Monday and if you too are doing NaNo, good luck! Add me as a buddy if you want! My username is rae_babe16!

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