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Thursday, January 29, 2015

"But Wasn't That Your Goal Last Year? And The Year Before?"

This is a post for all those people who have started New Year's Resolutions. And if you haven't started any, you can totally start some now. We're still at the beginning of the year people! 
I was talking to a friend the other day who told me that she doesn't make New Year's Resolutions because they're made to be broken. Which I kind of agree with. Sort of. Not really. Yeah, we break some New Year's Resolutions, I do it, but that doesn't mean that you can't succeed. Or that you never will succeed. 
For example, would you like to know how many years I have made the goal to finish all of my first drafts of my books? The answer is 4. 4 years of making the same goal and failing every year. In fact, until last year I had not finished a first draft in 4 years. That's right, I kept starting new books and not finishing them.
Your goal could have been, "get in shape" or "Lose weight" or land on the moon this year. 
Guess what guys, the goal of goals is not to complete the goal.
Wait, what?
No, seriously.
Have you ever seen Meet the Robinsons? That movie is full of failures. Lots of them. I fail at my goals almost all the time. That doesn't mean that I should stop making them. It doesn't mean that you should stop making them either.
I made the same goal last year to finish all of my first drafts, and once again I failed. But you know what I did do? I finished two first drafts. TWO! That is more than I have done in any year of my life. Even when I have finished a book before, the most I had ever finished was one book in a year. 
It's about progress people. You don't have to be accomplishing one hundred percent of your goals, or even 40 percent of your goals as long as you are moving forward. So do it. Just make a few goals for the year. One, make one goal for the year. Give yourself permission to fail at it, just do your best. Do your best and make progress. :)
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Frozen Weekend

Last weekend was pretty epic guys! Just saying! 

I won't lie to you, Friday was pretty lame. I was planning to hang out with one of my friends but I didn't hear back from her till I had already made other plans. Which was pretty sad. I've been trying to hang out with this particular friend since last September. Yup. Its been rough. 

Saturday however... 
Started out great at the temple. Then we cleaned the church. 
Then that night the Captain and I went to the Midway Ice Castles! I've been hearing about them for years, seeing everyone's pictures there, and seeing music videos filmed in them and I finally made it there!
If you go, I suggest hand and feet warmers and that you bundle! Also, there was an ice slide that you had to crawl through a tunnel to get to it. So be advised. Overall, so cool! I don't know how the guy who started it thought to do it, but it's sweet! Especially since it's out in Midway, you can actually see the stars! There were fire breathers there too!
After the castles we may or may not have gone out to Utah lake and walked out on it. It was awesome! I've never walked on a frozen lake before and I'd be lying if I didn't see my life flash before my eyes a few times. I was really afraid that we were going to fall through the ice, but guess what? We didn't. We lived! 

This week:
-Watching the Little Man!
-Dancing tonight!
-FanX all weekend. I will be there manning a booth for at least part of the time this weekend, so if you go, come see the Rocky Mountain Muggles, our booth is going to be amazing!
-Temple on Saturday

-Finish another book 
-Don't stress out too much about testing next week

Yes, two goals, mostly that second one. Freaking out slightly over here. No worries!

How are those New Year's Resolutions coming? No worries if they're not doing so great! I've got a post about that coming later this week!

I hope that you all had a great weekend and that this week is amazing! Thanks so much for reading :)

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Curly Hair Don't Care

Today Dove launched an ad about curly hair. As a curly haired girl I was naturally curious. 
Here's the video.
Having curly hair is an interesting thing. Because the curls don't always work the same way. What worked yesterday does not always follow through. Not only that, but put a little bit of humidity in the air and there's no telling what will happen.

I spent a lot of years hating my curly hair. Well, not necessarily hating it, but wishing that I didn't have it. I was born with curly hair, and then something happened and it went straight till I hit puberty. I spent a lot of time wishing that my hair had never changed back. Curly hair sounds glamorous, but the reality was not what I expected. 

Plus, I'm never really sure whether I can claim curly. I have definite wave and ringlets sometimes, but I always feel like some curly haired police are going to jump out of the bushes and inform me that my hair isn't curly enough to claim myself as a curly haired girl. 

But today I'm going to claim it. I think it's awesome that Dove is trying to get people to accept themselves the way that they are. If you start comparing (which I am totally guilty of) you'll find that you're never quite what you want to be. Even as someone who loves their curls (sometimes :) )I find myself wishing I had someone else's curls. But the truth of it is that the most beautiful people I know are the people who rock whoever and whatever they are. They own it. 

I've had people tell me how I should look and what I should do to be beautiful, it took me a long time to get their voices out of my head. I can still remember what they said. The difference is now I don't let what they've said influence my decisions. 

So own it, curly hair or not :)
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Monday, January 19, 2015

Portuguese Weekend

Have you ever gone somewhere you didn't know the language? Well I haven't. I still haven't, but this weekend was a little taste of what that might be like. The Captain and I (In case you haven't guessed... we're dating) went to Vegas this weekend with one of his converts from Brazil and her husband. Guess who didn't speak English? Guess how much Portuguese I know? The only thing that saved me this weekend was the fact that I did take two years of Spanish. They are so similar it was crazy! So I kind of understood what they were saying. Which was weird but honestly made me feel REALLY cool. I have this goal of learning all 5 romance languages before I die, and it kind of gave me a lot of hope that someday I might actually be able to accomplish this! 

Also, in case you were wondering, the Bellagio is a bit of a disappointment. At least for me.
This... compared to this...
For me, there is a clear winner and it isn't the Bellagio...

Also, I discovered that Vegas is not my scene. Not at all. Guess what is though? Zions.

 Used my new hiking backpack for the first time this weekend. I may or may not have taken half the hike trying to figure out how to work it. Feel free to judge. 

 I would take Zions over the lights any day. It was really pretty. The pictures really do it no justice. I've never hiked there this time of year, and it was really nice that it wasn't so crowded or hot. (If you're going, definitely bring a jacket. And long pants. And know where your trails come out... also there is no shuttle this time of year.)

It was a wonderful weekend, a lot of driving. A lot of long talks, and a lot of listening. I hope you're all having a great long weekend!
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Night and Fog, a weekend recap

Man, has life been crazy! How are those New Year's Resolutions coming? As for mine, I'm doing pretty good on most of them, the only one I'm really struggling with is running. But I don't really blame myself because the air has been HORRIBLE. 

I haven't done a weekend recap post in awhile, so here it is, the weekend recap.

Friday: Charissa and I went to go see The Book of Life in the Dollar theaters. In case you were wondering, yes, this is the third movie we have seen this year in the theaters. Yes that means we had gone about every three days... I really liked the movie though! I won't lie, it kind of annoyed me that everyone in the movie was really ugly except the main characters, but oh well! We also made our amazing spicy garlic lime chicken. Seriously the best chicken ever. Then Watched Runaway Bride with the Captain. I still can't believe he'd never seen it.

Saturday: Draper temple. I may have woken up a little late that morning, but I made it :) We then had a Rocky Mountain Muggle thing at the Murray library. Good times. I was quite sleep deprived and so everything seemed hilarious! Then we watched my nephew for the rest of the day pretty much. The little guy is RUNNING everywhere. Fun, except when you're so tired that you look at the floor and think, yeah, I'd like to sleep right there...

Sunday: Pretty laid back! Church and dinner with the family. Also, a random 5 mile walk in the fog with the Captain. It was absolutely beautiful, minus the fact that I kept thinking we were going to be killed, but other than that. Amazing. I was wishing for my camera ha ha. 

This week:
-Dancing  (I missed last week to go see Into the Woods)
-Meeting for work 
-Institute! (So glad that this is starting up again!)
-Heading to California! 

Currently Reading:
-The Belgariad
-The Richest Man in Babylon

-Run, at least once
-Visiting Teaching. I am determined to get better at this this year!

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Friday, January 9, 2015

The Breakfast Rant

I woke up this morning hungry. Which, if you knew anything about how hungry I've been the past few days you'd understand that this was a big deal. Of course, I wanted something really delicious for breakfast. 

What was my family planning on eating? Cereal.
Yeah, cereal.

I really have nothing against cereal. I mean, it's ok... ish. There are just so many other options out there for breakfast that with all of them presented before you, how could you possibly choose cereal?? I mean, have you been on pinterest? There are eggs, and hashbrowns and biscuits and bacon and french toast and waffles and crepes... and you're telling me that you want to eat cereal?

Seriously, could someone explain to me how this works? 

Add that onto the fact that I don't really believe in eating breakfast for dinner (I know, it's a thing...) and you're going to waste your one opportunity on cereal? I just don't get it folks. I really don't. 

Don't you worry though. My little sister was willing to eat french toast instead. It was a close thing, I'm telling you. 

What's your favorite breakfast food? How do YOU feel about cereal?
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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Welcome to the New Year

Holy crolley, I can't believe that we are already a week into the New Year! Correction. Part of me can't, the other part of me is surprisingly ok with it. And since it is Wednesday after all, I think it may be time for a Random Fact Wednesday. Part of me is debating about this because I don't have anything amazing to share, but the other part of me says what the hey, no one cares that the first Random Fact Wednesday of the year is off the cuff. 

1. I always drink sparkling cider on New Year's eve (I suppose technically day because it's usually at midnight)

2. My New Year's Eve plans are generally lame, but I usually have plans for the actual first day of the year. This year, Fondue party! This is actually a tradition but it doesn't usually get to happen on the actual day :)

3. I have only ever kissed one person at midnight on New Year's Eve. 
4. I'm usually pretty good at keeping my resolutions! Weird right? I know a ton of people who don't even make resolutions, which makes me sad. Anyway, so far so good this year.
5. This really has nothing to do with New Year's but I keep dreaming that I'm meeting bloggers that I follow. Usually they're actually really mean to me (I don't think that they would be in real life), but last night they were all really nice! 

Anyway, there are your random 5 facts! Happy New Year, I hope that it's amazing! Mine is and I am SO glad that 2014 is over. I didn't realize how happy I would be about it until it actually happened :)

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